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Sedna is the asteroid archetype of great wounding of the Feminine.

Possessing more of the dark feminine energy, Sedna helps us tap into our transformation through empowerment.

In astrology, Sedna represents where we feel betrayed, abandoned, and punished by the Masculine.

Sedna is the energy of your role as the Father’s daughter. Through Sedna in your astrology chart, you can explore the unconscious connection between father and daughter roles that gets distorted in a patriarchal ruled society.

☆ Mother of Sea Life ☆ A Dark Queen ☆ Deep Wounds ☆ Infinite Abundance ☆

Sedna is the mother of all marine life. She lives under the oceans and becomes enraged when marine life is harmed. Sedna is connected to the energy of Pisces as She rules over the health of the oceans. She can fall victim to the shadow of Pisces when your beliefs become distorted through a lack of compassion for yourself and others. She helps you overcome your deepest wounds by knowing your true Value. The world is a place of infinite abundance and Sedna heals your joy of giving and receiving.

Potential Sedna issues are father issues; fear of abundance, lack, and material struggle; low self-esteem; unworthiness; abandonment/rejection lack of trusting oneself’s most intimate desires, feeling owned, self-punishment, overindulgence of anger at the patriarchy.

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