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Second House

The Second House represents your finances, worth, values and gratitude. The Second House of your birth chart concerns money and spending.  It’s useful to learn about your material assets and spending patterns.

Taurus naturally governs the Second House of the Zodiac. Taurus is a lover of creature comforts and rules together with Venus, the planet of love.  Thus, your Second House of your birth chart reflects your values and personal principles.

Your Second House describes how you view money and how you acquire it.  It also describes how you feel about money.  Some see freedom, while others see it as safety and security. 

In the physical body, the Second House rules the throat, ears, lower lip, lower jaw, and base of brain, cerebellum, cervical spine, and neck.

The octave to the Second House is its counterpart the Eighth House. Where the Second House governs what you can have, the Eighth House rules your desires and sharing your resources with others.

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