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Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio Ascendant is learning to be more passionate and deep with has a tendency towards being secretive. Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign and the most intense sign of the Zodiac. Scorpio rules the Eighth House and is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars (in ancient times before Pluto was discovered).

Scorpio governs intimacy, passion, reproductive organs and symbolizes death and rebirth. Scorpio Ascendant gives you a more dark look to your appearance, but also appearing sweet and innocent, too. This is because your emotions run deep, and you have great personal magnetism. You have passion and power to change the minds of others.

Scorpio will is strong, and you let nothing stand in your way. Because of so much intensity, pain is real in your life, but your pain leads to important personal transformation. 

You are very good at group dynamics because you are a shrewd judge of other people’s motives. Being a Fixed Water sign, you have psychic abilities to tap in and feel the truth of how others really feel. You can use this special knowledge to your own advantage. 

As Scorpio Ascendant evolves, you work out your issues to be more in line with your own higher nature. You have the power of a shaman, to transform yourself, and society around you.

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