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Saturn has been regarded as malevolent and malignant because of its nature of teaching you your lessons. For example, when Venus wishes for love, Saturn denies her. When Jupiter promises good fortune, Saturn delays it. When Mercury brings news, Saturn degrades it, and when Mars goes too hard or too fast, Saturn will crash him.  But this is not necessarily bad.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and the Tenth House. Saturn is connected to the principles of limitation, restrictions, boundaries, safety, practicality, reality, seriousness, focus and structures. Saturn is the law enforcement of the Zodiac setting boundaries and limits of society or karma. Saturn’s hardships brought on by limitations, compel you to continue strive and build something solid and of real worth.

Saturn governs ambition, career, authority, hierarchy, and conforming social structures. It concerns your sense of duty, discipline and responsibility, as well as your physical and emotional endurance during hardships.

Saturn’s placement in your chart shows the area of your life in which you may feel shame. This is the area where you have lessons to learn. But this is where your disciplined hard work will lead to earned, long-lasting success. At its best, Saturn endows organization and order. At its worst, Saturn’s energy is manifested as selfishness. The sign of Saturn also gives clues to the kind of work for which a person is suited and the kind of career he is likely to pursue.

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