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North Node in Virgo


North Node in Virgo:  Spiritual Healer

North Node in Virgo has an enduring need  to experience peace and oneness with the Universe. To achieve this state of being, Virgo North Nodes have to enter into the world and be of service to others at the highest nature. Shift fears from a focus upon oneself to living in the present moment in-tune with the Universe calling your name. Don your Angel wings and be on the ready to fly into service! You restore order to chaos in the most joyful way.

Embrace:   Solving problems with facts and hard data, accountability and leadership, personal responsibility, structure, grounding routines, paying attention to details, reading the fine print, developing technical skills or mastery, setting clear boundaries, standing up for yourself

Professions:  North Node in Virgo make excellent doctors, nurses and healers because their healing abilities are Soul inspired and grounded with practical methods of living in the material world. Psychologists, nutritionists, accountants, professional organizers and craftspersons are great choices, too. You have “good karma” and have a great way of getting along with co-workers and employees. You also have a special calling to be in service to the Animal Kingdom, too.

South Node in Pisces:  Releasing Suffering

The South Node in Pisces is about dissolving the Ego. You have spent many lifetimes in the practice of meditation and spiritual quests. There is a pattern of fruitless searching which has led to disillusionment with the material world. This deep sense of disconnection leads to alcohol or substance abuse to escape the suffering of the world. The Soul pattern to liberate is to retrieve lost parts of your identity that were given up to merge with a higher energy. You have yielded too much to being absorbed in the etherial illusions of other’s visions.

Release:  Denial, deception, emotional manipulation, playing the victim, self-pity and excuses, passivity, wearing rose-colored glasses, being scattered, nomadic living, making too many sacrifices, not paying attention to details, being easily seduced or charmed, being bullied, abusive relationships, getting lost in your daydreams and unrealistic fantasies

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