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North Node in Taurus


North Node in Taurus:  Spirit Earth Healer

North Node in Taurus is expanding Soul energy through loyalty, healthy boundaries, patience, self-worth, spiritual values, honoring the needs of others, forgiveness, persistence, gratitude and enjoying the sensual experience of the six Senses. Your true desire is to merge with another’s energy to feel the truth of energy of empowerment. Real, permanent and enduring commitments fuel your spiritual growth. You are expanding into material success, emotional value and synergistic relationships. You are learning how to discriminate and tune into the power of your awareness. Slow down, tune in and move patiently through your senses, trusting what you feel. This is where you will connect to your power. Get in touch with what you value and become super strong in that. Gratitude and appreciation help you understand what you really find worthy.

Embrace:   Simplicity, truth, grounding yourself with daily habits and routines, living in the moment, pure human connection, telling it like you see it, making your own living

Professions:  North Node in Taurus are master builders of homes, gardens, businesses and relationships. What you desire to build has to be in alignment with what you spiritually value. Abundance, security, long-term sustainability and any field that allows your six senses to physically enjoy life on Earth will be amazingly profitable.

South Node in Scorpio:  Releasing Intensity

The South Node in Scorpio is about releasing crisis “911” type energy in your life. Being too overly concerned with other people’s lives is a pattern you are ready to let go. Impatience, judgements, overreacting, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors have played a role in the past lives you are ready to transcend. These behaviors result from a lack of trust, insecurity and being controlled by others. Release seeking your self-worth through others opinions and perceptions of you. You can achieve a complete sense of fulfillment and completeness within yourself. Live according to standards that you know are right for you. Free yourself from the bondage and enmeshment to others. You can simple walk your own path and when you do, others will support you on many levels, especially financially and emotionally. You are your own SoulMate.

Release:  Seducing, manipulating, strategizing, the nomadic lifestyle, sex as a weapon, being overly secretive or superstitious, relying on other people’s money and resources

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