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North Node in Scorpio

North Node in Scorpio:  Spiritual Truth Seeker

North Node in Scorpio are here to learn self-discipline, constructive change, sharing resources, increasing Prana and Qi, releasing possessions and accepting support from others. What they really seek to strive is to have money and a sense of security from financial resources and material possession. This is just for that sense of comfort so they can truly understand how to live their lives. This lifetime, the Soul expands when forming partnerships and finding others with whom they share values.

Embrace:   Spirituality, connection to the universe/divine, spiritual fulfillment, unspoken connections, mystery, allowing others to help you financially, passive income, joint financial ventures, releasing energy through your sacral chakra

Professions:  North Node in Scorpio make great editors because they are able to dive in deep into the minds of others to discern emotions and motivations. Very gifts at empowering projects and talents of others. They make great bankers and financial planner because working with other people’s money to increases their energy. They also excel at psychology and shamanism because their Souls expand when diving into the depths of the Underworld to meet their power, and help other shapeshift and transform.


South Node in Taurus:  Releasing Attachments

The South Node in Taurus is about leaving behind possessions, stubbornness, too much sensual appetites and resistance to change. The Soul patterns that are releasing are rigidity and ideas about what one has to do to feel good about their value and self-worth. Release past life burdens around security and safety. Learning to truly let go is the quest. The root chakra is being healed in this lifetime.

Release:  Attachment to luxury, earthly appetites and overindulgence, being too practical, sticking with what you know, hiding in a comfort zone, working harder not smarter, loyalty at your own expense, always being the provider, holding energy in your throat chakra

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