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North Node in Sagittarius


North Node in Sagittarius:  Spiritual Teacher

North Node in Sagittarius is expanding into reliance on intuition, inner guidance and developing prophetic abilities by seeking Cosmic Truths. You are learning to speak from a higher authority channeled from your higher consciousness. These bursts of divine inspiration are spontaneous and take you on a path of spiritual adventure and freedom. This takes patience and trusting oneself and your relationship to higher teachings. Spend time alone in nature, listening to your intuition and practicing the fine art of Patience to develop your direct communication with your Soul’s expansion.

Embrace:   Focusing on the big picture, higher learning, travel, honesty, adventure, leaving your comfort zone, autonomy, taking risks, traveling internationally, long-distance connections, multicultural friendships, curiosity

Professions:  Psychic fields of channeling, reading other’s energies and telling the story of their journeys. This sign is global in nature and opens the door to working with other countries, cultures and languages. Professions that involve problem-solving, seeing the bigger picture or vision of a company, and solution-based management are very profitable. Good options are:  lawyer, spiritual teacher/leader, professor of higher education, publisher and marketing/advertising where you can promote big ideas across a mass scale.


South Node in Gemini:  Releasing Duality

The South Node in Gemini is about releasing patterns of second-guessing oneself, indecisiveness, saying what others want to hear, gossiping, too much information, impatience and invalidating intuitive knowledge. There has been a pattern of mental insecurity in past lives that you are ready to be free of. This leads to traps of unending searches for information. You are here to expand and learn by trusting your own intuition. Let go of the need to control other people’s perceptions of you. Trust and act from your own inner truth. This brings the right people into your life because you are living from integrity.

Release:  Gossip, fixating on details, going for what you know, dishonesty, distorting the truth, talking out of both sides of your mouth, being a big fish in a small pond, codependence, relying on others to initiate, scattering your energy in too many directions

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