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North Node in Pisces

North Node in Pisces:  Spiritual Companion

North Node in Pisces are learning non-judgement, compassion, freeing the mind, spirituality, trusting the Universe and communing with a higher power. They are here to learn about the Great Mystery and enter into The Void with unconditional Love. Release rigid and material planning, the need to be perfect and right will accelerate Soul expansion. Trust and surrender to a Higher Power and allow the great Cosmic Ocean to carry you into a higher frequency of enlightened consciousness.

Embrace:   Creative freedom, artistic abilities, being the healer, imagination, intuition, developing and trusting your psychic abilities, faith in the universe, allowing support and divine guidance from the universe or a higher power, surrender, processing your emotions without alcohol/substances or other escapes, recovery from addiction, using your words to make people think

Professions:  North Node in Pisces are best suited to have their own personal and private space. They do great working on bigger visions that allow them to work alone. Researcher, Librarian and computer developer are exciting professions to consider where you can work on big projects, alone in your solitude. Philosophers in search of spiritual truths, artists, musicians, creators and dreamers all are great prospects as long as they can work in the privacy of their own space.


South Node in Virgo:  Releasing Perfectionism

The South Node in Virgo is about the critical need to be perfect, right and exact. They have had many lifetimes as doctors, nurses or being in charge of life and death. These analytical tendencies were vastly important to the welfare of others. Everything feels like it must go according to plan or anxiety ensues. This overflows into the workplace and can drive co-workers to demanding expectations that can never meet. You are to overcome being placed or placing others on pedestals.

Release:  Perfectionism, being the helper, analysis paralysis, escaping stress through vices and addictions (self-medicating), worry and anxiety, doing things the hard way or by yourself, controlling, micromanaging, skepticism, dismissal of your intuition or divine guidance, cattiness, verbal daggers/skewering people with your words, gossip

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