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North Node in Libra


North Node in Libra:  Spiritual Peacemaker

North Node in Libra is learning to expand the Soul energy of the Spiritual Peacemaker through cooperation, diplomacy, selflessness, win-win, sharing and seeing the world through another’s eyes.

The secret to accessing the North Node in Libra energy is to be your own person, find your center, know who you are in different situations and surround yourself with people who truly love you. Refocus your energy away from your personal needs and desires to understanding the nature of people, especially those who are most important to you. This level of discernment and compassionate understanding of the people who truly admire you, will show you how to create any situation born of love that you want to experience.

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Embrace:   The power of partnership, the “peaceful warrior” within, cooperation, compromise, commitment, generosity, patience, making sacrifices for the good of the group

Professions:  North Node in Libra are fantastic at being counselors, judges, diplomats, ambassadors, peacemakers and mediators. They have a gift for seeing and communicating the needs of both sides clearly. This energy also represents the arts and music. Careers can be interior designers, artists, musicians, art gallery curators. Public speaking and entertainment around helping others feel good, uplift and energize to bring confidence are really rewarding!


South Node in Aries:  Releasing Selfishness

The South Node in Aries is about releasing too much self-centeredness. The Aries South Node feels that they will not survive if they don’t take care of their needs and desires first. You are letting go of the belief that others are here to serve your desires. This comes from a deeper shadow place of feeling insecure, unsafe and disconnected. Look to see if you have been on an unending search for independence and obsession with self-sufficiency. This most likely is coming from abandonment, fear and disempowerment. Go deep within yourself to see if there are past lives where you were abandoned as a baby or orphaned as a child.

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Release:  The “me first” mentality, aggression, fighting, too much self-reliance, selfishness, acting without considering the consequences, bulldozing, hotheadedness, rushing, impatience

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