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North Node in Leo

North Node in Leo:  Spiritual Queen Leader

North Node in Leo is expanding Soul energy through individuality, willingness to take center stage, following bliss, strengthening will-power, developing self-confidence and taking risks. The alignment truly uplevels when you begin to see life as a game to be enjoyed.

The secret to the Leo North Node is to receive Love. There is an insatiable thirst to experience the loving energy of others. They bring this energy into their experience more powerfully when they yearn to use their Soul gifts to cheer others up as a form of love. Using your creativity to generate more happiness to others, your contributions create the audience that will support and love you with the intensity you crave. Applause, cheering and the approval of others is Soul food for the Leo North Node.

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Embrace:   Unbridled self-expression, collaborating with the elite, leading by example, following your heart, luxury, tuning into your desires and sensuality, spoiling yourself and others, open displays of affection

Professions:  North Node in Leo are most happy with professions that reward individual creativity, entertaining and entrepreneurship. Careers that take center stage, singing, acting, games (designing children’s games), sports, children, speculation and creative efforts that bring joy.


South Node in Aquarius:  Releasing People-Pleasing

The South Node in Aquarius is about letting go of the need to feel accepted by others, especially one’s peer group. Peer pressure is this South Node sign’s kryptonite. How you know you are in the shadow, is that you detach from emotional situations, be aloof and wait for more knowledge to take action. Excessive daydreaming and running away from confrontations is also a signal that the South Node is in operation. The Soul Pattern energy desiring to be liberated is too much fitting in, seeking knowledge to be creative and fear of taking a risk. Instead, be your own best friend and go after those wild things that will bring you happiness.

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Release:  People pleasing, the need to be liked, hiding out in a group, emotional detachment, being overly intellectual, “head over heart,” not showing your feelings, too much nomadic living with no roots, rejection of material and sensual pleasure

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