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North Node in Gemini


North Node in Gemini:  Spiritual Messenger

North Node in Gemini really wants to expand Soul energy by being totally free to pursue Truth, have great adventures, be spontaneous and connect all these journeys by sharing it with others. Connection to your intuition rather than book knowledge is what will truly bring freedom and an inner sense of peace. You are seeking to be completely free to speak your own inner truth and feel understood by others. You delight in teaching others about your experiences so they can learn to connect with their own. Seeing others light up from your teachings, makes you feel understood and appreciated. Release focusing too much on “your truth” and begin to focus on others. Listen and understand the stories of other people’s lives. When you do, you experience inner “aha!” insights that will be more the information and truth that you will want to give to them to grow! You will love teaching like that! And you will be greatly appreciated by others from delivering such impactful insights.

Embrace:  Community activism, “being here now,” playful exploration, doing one thing at a time, dialogue and active listening skills, partnerships and dynamic duos, local activity and hobbies

Professions:  You have the ability to tune into other people’s thought processes and offer information that helps them view problems/obstacles from an expanded state of awareness. Great career options include:  selling, teaching, writing, storytelling and all forms of communication that bring you happiness. These types of activities invite material success into your life. You are very gifted in philosophy and religion with an innate sense of morality, ethics, and understanding of Truth.


South Node in Sagittarius:  Releasing Self-Righteousness

The South Node in Sagittarius is about releasing patterns around aloofness, needing to be right, zealous proclaiming of truth and too much involvement in one’s beliefs or organized religions. You have spent many lifetimes that have created a pattern around seeking for truth, nomadic living and isolation. This unending search for enlightenment comes more from seeking validation than from sharing knowledge. (“If I have all the right answers, people with value me and then I can feel connected.”) You are ready to let go of collective ideals and absorption into religious principles that keep you from connecting with others and needing the validation of proving yourself right.

Release:  Ungrounded wanderlust, fixating on the future, righteous zealotry, being a jack of all trades, biting off more than you can chew, speaking without gathering the facts, being overly philosophical or getting lost in theory, arrogance, hedonism and greed, lasciviousness, overwhelming yourself with too many options, boorish and opinionated behavior

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