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North Node in Capricorn


North Node in Capricorn:  Determined Spiritual Achiever

North Node in Capricorn is ready to expand the Soul through self-control, self-respect, being goal-oriented and allowing abSOULute success to leave her legacy upon the planet. Through self-care and motivation to achieve the ultimate “mark”, North Node in Capricorn is learning to use wisdom, strategy, goal-setting and determined discipline to achieve mastery. They are here to build a new world through teamwork and reaching for their personal summits as well as a summit for humanity. You are the spiritual “Father” energy that provides, protects and carves pathways for others to follow to achieve even greater success. Look to the 10th House to discover more juicy Wisdom for your Capricorn Soul Expansion!

The secret to expanding your Soul through Capricorn’s vibration is to leave behind dependency, moodiness, insecurity, limits, isolation and emotional control of others from fear. Staying dependent upon others because of risk is the kryptonite to Capricorn’s superhero powers.  The remedy is to use your willpower to take charge, take a risk and take responsibility for whatever happens. This is the Soul’s joy to leap these tall buildings in a single bound!

Embrace:  Leadership, professional and business acumen, being proactive, empowering others instead of enabling, living a public life, cool-headed vision, masculine energy, relationship with father/father figures

Professions:  Capricorn North Nodes excel at being the “boss”.  Owning your own business, being in management positions and/or a public figure will feel the most fulfilling. You have to make your own rules and you can trust yourself to take hold of authority with sensitivity. You have a finely honed instinctive empathy that keeps you aware of the feelings of others. Stay goal-oriented, focused and organizing others towards specific goals is best for you.


South Node in Cancer:  Release Abandonment


Your Past Life Soul Pattern is found in the shadow of Cancer energy. You have spent multiple lifetimes as a central figure householder, with a leaning towards agrarian lifestyles. You are ready to release a pattern around being too attached to the family, clan or tribe. You have not yet had enough experience being out on your own in the material world, yet. But you are ready! Utilize your inner development of a natural understanding of how families work and the emotional attunement and natural bonding to others. You will know if you have stayed too long in your South Node energy and House themes if any of the following emotions. Take note of any shadow energy from the Fourth House themes, as well. Time to resolve the past life patterns and ascend into greatness!

Release:  Caretaking, codependence, passivity, shyness, fear of abandonment emotional responses, self-soothing, too much feminine energy, too much attachment to mother/being mothered, daddy issues

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