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North Node in Cancer


North Node in Cancer:  Spiritual Nurturer

North Node in Cancer is ready to expand the Soul through honoring feelings, empathy, nurturing others, staying centered in Self and birthing an internal foundation of inner security. Through self-care and self-love, Cancer North Node can experience having their feelings and inner world validated. This is the lifetime that you give voice to your feelings. Your Soul Power nurtures and heals. Learn how to spiritually parent yourself so wherever you are, you are home. Look to the 4th House to discover more juicy Love for your Cancer Soul Expansion!

The secret to expanding your Soul through Cancer’s vibration is to release the need to control others and the external world. Leave behind the “only if’s” emotional mentality and allow others to simply just be. Do not search for validation through others, you are here to acknowledge yourself through the power of your feelings. You will begin to feel fulfilled when you acknowledge how amazing and special you are. Your Soul expands when you feel safe enough to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is power when you love, respect and honor who you really are.

Embrace:   Emotional sensitivity, family time, compassion, the feminine realm, domestic arts, maternal energy, nurturing, self-care, connecting from the heart, being more inclusive than exclusive

Professions:  Cancer North Nodes have a gift of nurturing and support others. Fulfilling career choices that allow you opportunities to nourish others physically, mentally and emotionally is abSOULute joy. Careers that center around Food, home, children, money and business are most fulfilling but your sharp business acumen is best used as a backdrop for opening up the Soul to the powers of nurturing others.


South Node in Capricorn:  Release Control

Your Past Life Soul Pattern is found in the shadow of Capricorn energy. You have spent multiple lifetimes in highly structured places that are strict, rule-based and masculine. Feel into having had lifetimes in monasteries, convents and places with strong work ethics where your feelings were suppressed. Abstinence, discipline and deprivation are concepts that you are ready to release. You will know if you have stayed too long in your South Node energy and House themes if any of the following emotions. Take note of any shadow energy from the 10th House themes, as well. Time to resolve the past life patterns and ascend into your greatness!

Release:   Elitism, defining yourself by your worldly accomplishments (e.g., job titles), hierarchy, cool detachment, workaholism, being “lonely at the top,” head over heart, ruthlessness, competition, drive for materialism and status, too much masculine energy, mommy issues

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