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North Node in Aries


North Node in Aries:  Spiritual Warrior

North Node in Aries is seeking independence, Self-awareness, courage and trusting your own instincts and impulses. You are expanding your Soul energy and gifts by becoming confident, brave and passionate. You have a tremendous amount of love stored within your Soul from past lives. The tendency has been to give too much in partnership and throwing yourself out of balance. You are here to retrieve your inner Zest! You are developing a strong sense of identity, self-awareness and recognition.

The secret to accessing North Node in Aries energy is to fall in love with oneself. You need to partner with yourself first. Getting to know yourself, doing things that bring you joy and increases self-nurturing through exercise and feeling confident, strong and supported. You are learning to treat yourself fairly with balance and justified self-kindness. Grounding, routines, self-discipline and establishing your personal Center are keys for your Spiritual Warrior success.

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Embrace:   Stepping out as a leader or star, prioritizing your own goals, being comfortable alone, the rewards of risk, fighting for your beliefs, expressing anger in an open and healthy manner

Professions:  North Node in Aries need to do their own thing according to their own impulses. This profession must be a Leader, innovator and a pioneer. Aries North Node need a lot of independence so they can follow their own instincts. Professions include surgeons, technicians, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, physical trainers, coaches, inspiring speakers.


South Node in Libra:  Releasing Co-Dependence

The South Node in Libra is about releasing too much involvement in relationships that have taken your sense of identity away. There is a tendency to search obsessively for the perfect, committed relationship to feel complete. You are here to realize that you will never gain enough approval from others to have permission to be yourself. You are here to take a risk and pursue activities that are meaningful to your Soul. The irony is that when you do, the perfect partner appears!

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Release:  Hiding out in partnerships, being the “best supporting actor” instead of the star, taking the comfortable path, avoiding challenges, being the peacekeeper, making compromises, putting others first, passive-aggression, codependence, enabling

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