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North Node in Aquarius


North Node in Aquarius:  Spiritual Wayshower

North Node in Aquarius expands the Soul to become a Spiritual Wayshower. This Soul Purpose enjoys objectivity, friendship, collective Good, innovation and being a champion for Humanity. How fun is that?!

The secret to accessing the Aquarius North Node is to balance the ego by focusing on the collective Good. When the North Node in Aquarius takes a chance on the disapproval of others and strikes out on their own, they find their true calling and Soul gifts. The treasure chest of incredible talents is to help make universal and humanitarian causes successful. These selfless efforts energize and reward everyone involved. Dedicate to a larger cause and deeper meaning, the Universe will reward and fulfill your true heart in the most amazing ways! Look to the 11th House to discover more about your Aquarius Soul Expansion!

Embrace:   Team spirit, collaboration, a humanitarian cause, a sense of purpose, sustainable living, “weird” people, cutting-edge ideas, focusing on other people, detaching from drama, objective and rational approaches

Professions:  North Node in Aquarius are great at furthering idealistic causes and humanitarian goals through objectivity and thinking “outside the box”. Professions include scientists, astrologers (especially predictive), electricians, technicians, IT computer experts, broadcasting, remote viewing and seeing the future. They are really successful and happy in work that brings innovation, invention and communal ideas to the public.

South Node in Leo:  Releasing Approval

The South Node in Leo is about releasing and letting go of other’s opinions of you and seeking their approval. You are born to be different, so when you try to fit in and be accepted as part of the crowd, you feeling the pangs of suffering. Following other’s pathways will keep you in the shadow of the South Node in Leo. This energy will feel like there will never be enough. Because Leo rules areas of heart, romance and taking too many risks in that department will result in an ending search for love. There is a tendency to serve the love relationship and never find your truth path which is to serve humanity with your heart chakra. To learn more about release the shadow of Leo, look to the 5th House for more insights.

Release:  Attention-seeking, the desire for drama, materialism, making it all about you, focusing too much on the external, self-gratification, entitlement, being overly protective or loyal to a fault, fear of branching out, avoiding groups, vanity, over-the-top emotional responses

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