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Ninth House

The Ninth House represents your higher mind, big picture, spirituality and adventure. Traditionally, the Ninth House concerns all long distance travel.  

The Ninth House is ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter and explains the eclectic nature of this house. Sagittarius is the explorer while Jupiter is the planet of good luck. Jupiter is also the planet of higher ideals and your sense of purpose.  

The Ninth House is concerned with your personal journey.  Jupiter determines whether your journey will be smooth and tranquil or rough and rocky.

Sagittarius is expansive, intelligent and generous, but also slightly wild and reckless.  The Ninth House determines much of your personal philosophy of life.  It reflects the ideas you believe in, your views of the world, your religion and your spirituality.  Not all long distance travel is physical, it can be spiritual and emotional.

In the physical body the Ninth House rules the sciatic nerve, liver, hips and thighs.

The octave of the Ninth House is the Third House. While the Ninth House rules the Higher Mind of big concepts and ideals, the Third House rules the lower mind of everyday thoughts, behaviors and words.

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