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Moon in Virgo

Virgo:  “I ANALYZE”Moon in Virgo

Element:  Earth

Quality:  Mutable

Ruler:  Mercury and Sixth House


The Moon in Virgo is very sensitive, analytical and a little reserved about showing her feelings. Her earthy nature comes from being a Mutable Earth sign and makes her grounded. But the sign of Virgo is ruled by airy Mercury. So she tends to be more mental than emotional and therefore seem rather cool and aloof.

There is strong need for perfection and this can be a block to Virgo Moon’s happiness. The Moon’s critical vibration is the block. But as she learns tolerance and forgiveness, she becomes grounded and connected to her divine purpose.  

Virgo Moon likes to serve, but finds it difficult to understand the feelings of others. Feelings and love are expressed more easily through service,  Doing something tangible to benefit others in some way gives Virgo Moon a deep sense of purpose.

Virgo rules the Sixth House and the Moon here is very health conscious. She is the ultimate health guru. Virgo rules the 6th House of Health, Well-Being and sacred Service.  This heightened sense of purpose leads Moon in Virgo to more industrious, trustworthy and down-to-earth.

Virgo Moon has the ability to analyze people and environments to find the simplest, most efficient method of accomplishing whatever is needed.


Helpfulness, Analyzes and figures it out; humility, service; Useful, practical, thrifty; Health conscious; modest; Common sense; Discriminating, SHADOW:  choosy, picky; Perfectionist, critical; Fault finding, worry wart; Reserved, timid, Hypochondria

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