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Moon in Taurus

Moon in TaurusTaurus:  “I HAVE”

Element:  Earth

Quality:  Fixed

Ruler:  Venus and Second House

The Moon in Taurus is the most joyful and abundant lunar vibration. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and she is uplifted by her heightened sensory pleasures and delights of the Earth. Taurus Moon literally is in love with the Earth.

This peace-loving Moon is ruled by Venus and symbolized by the Bull. Her emotional nature is steadied, soothing and even-tempered. But Taurus Moon can be downright stubborn when it comes to making emotional changes and adjustments. Don’t try to change too fast, because the Bull is way too busy sensing all the emotional information in order to make the best decisions before she moves.  

Taurus Moon seeks security in material possessions, financial well-being and self-worth. Keeping things from the past helps this Moon find security and a sense of safety. A great deal of affection and closeness are needed to soothe feelings of insecurity. Loyalty in love and devotion to those Taurus Moon cares about are very lucky.

Moon in Taurus loves all her senses and she has the propensity to indulge in sensual comforts. Eating rich or sweet food seems to give her feelings of security and become a substitute for emotional contentment and love.

Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, and this vibration makes the Moon very resourceful, determined and persistent. Taurus Moon medicine is working with her hands, especially in the dirt, gardening. The Earth vibration gives her a green thumb and ability to commune with the Elementals.  


Patient, consistent; Predictable, steady, solid; easy-going, Domestic, Dependable, reliable; Enjoys comfort; Sensual enjoyment; passive, laid-back; Thorough, SHADOW:  perfectionist; Materialistic and possessive; Stubborn, determined; Habit-bound, uninspired; Lazy, indulgent, passive

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