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Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio::  “I DESIRE”

Element:  Water

Quality:  Fixed

Ruler:  Pluto and Eighth House

Scorpio is one of the most intense vibrations for the Moon. Here it is said by astrologers that the Moon is in her Fall. Because the Moon is sensitive and an instrument of feelings, the Scorpio depth can intensify emotions to the point of no return.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and by nature is deeply psychic, secretive and can inwardly brood in silence over the wrongs that others have done. The Moon is suspicious here and finds it difficult to trust as she is aware of others inner thoughts and motives. Scorpio rules the Eighth House of The Underworld and is very sharp on knowing the underlinings of others’ actions.

The Moon in Scorpio is learning how to be vulnerable and to relinquish control in relationships with trust. She is fueled by her passions and can feel emotions with intensity. When the Moon taps into her ability to open up and trust, guilt, shame, and resentment can be overcome.

Jealousy and possessiveness are kindred spirits to this Moon because of the propensity for feeling into the depths in relationships. Scorpio Moon is ruled by the depths of her emotions and she is learning that letting go is good for her health.

Learning to express her feelings outwardly is favored over repressing them within. Superficiality is annoying because it is too surface level for this all encompassing Moon. She would rather observe and probe what is beneath the surface and seek out hidden motives.

Scorpio Moon has great potential for success when control and discipline are learned. She is so magnetic, energetic, independent, aggressive, patient and determined. So adopting methods for self-control of her passions are highly recommended for overall good health and happiness.


Passionate, intense emotion; Magnetic attractiveness; Sexually oriented, Investigative, researcher; Asks probing questions; Mysterious, Strong desire nature, needs; Knowing psychic insights;  SHADOW:  All or Nothing type; jealous; secretive; Suspicious, skeptical; Sarcastic, judgmental; Emotional ownership; Self- Mastery or being a slave

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