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Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius:  “I AIM”

Element:  Fire

Quality:  Mutable

Ruler:  Jupiter and Ninth House

The Moon in Sagittarius is adventurous, open, generous, idealistic and inspiring. Being a Mutable Fire element Moon, her independence, optimism and outspoken directness attract many acquaintances.

Ruled by Jupiter and the Ninth House, Sagittarius Moon thrives on travel, being freedom-loving, engaging in fellowship, and focusing on the bigger picture of Life. This is the most “happy go lucky” Moon and she is always ready for a good time.

Difficulties rarely keep this Moon down. She might dive deep into the trouble but blow it all off by saying, “But none of it matters anyway!” with a hearty laugh. No matter how bleak the past or present, expect a better, brighter future.

A teacher and Sage live in Moon in Sagittarius. This helpful spiritual Moon wants you to see the bigger picture and aim higher emotionally. Her teaching style is extraordinarily optimistic and catchy.

The Mutable nature of this Fire Moon requires a great deal of emotional freedom and mobility. Things like appointments can be easily forgotten and this Moon can even be considered irresponsible. However, it is hard to stay angry at Lunar Sagittarius! The Moon is just too upbeat and cheerful.

The Moon can be uncomfortable with her own or other’s problems. Instead, she will try to “cheer up” or offer philosophical advice. Friendship, encouragement of aspirations and ideals means a lot to this Moon.


Outgoing, optimistic; Takes risks, gambles; Independent hates fences; Loves travel, outdoors; Into religion, philosophy; Seeks higher education; Blunt speech; to the point; Athletic, sports interests; Love animals and wildlife; SHADOW: Flippant, non-caring; Impatient; Intolerant of ignorance; Avoids commitments

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