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Moon in Pisces

Pisces:  “I BELIEVE”

Element:  Water

Quality:  Mutable

Ruler:  Neptune and Twelfth House

The Moon in Pisces is the Yin and Yang Zen child of the Zodiac. Mutable Water, the Moon’s emotions are expressed sympathetically and compassionately.

Pisces Moon is ruled by Neptune and is sensitive, kind and gentle, imaginative, shy, tender-hearted and in-tune with how others feel. Because of her kindness and non-judgmental attitude, those in pain or suffering seek her out. She is the Mother Theresa of the Moons.

Pisces Moon will always do her best to help or teach others. Pisces Moon’s mystical intuition sees the higher purpose for pain and suffering and wishes to help dissolve it through Compassion.

The Moon is open to difficult work especially if it will help those less fortunate. Pisces Moon is the ultimate philanthropist and she prefers to work behind the scenes. This is due to knowing that working with others energy can be draining and this Moon is easily drained by others.

Music and the Arts play a divine role in Pisces Moon’s emotions. She is instinctively drawn to the voice of Spirit here. Music helps her understand that emotions can be mysterious and nebulous originating from dimensions unknown. It is good medicine for Pisces Moon to birth her Inner Artist.

Pisces Moon is from the Twelfth House and is cosmic Water with no boundaries and is infinite in her nature. Romance and Love feel more like communing with the Divine and she can fall in love with Love.

Feelings can easily turn into illusion and fantasy if the Pisces Moon gets too dreamy.  The tendency for daydreaming needs to have parameters because her boundlessness can turn creativity into being lost in space.


Sensitive deep dreamers; Empathetic, Savior; understanding; Cares for needy people; Spiritual, mystical, psychic; Romantic, artistic, poetic. SHADOW:  Escape by fantasy; Withdraws into isolation; Introverted, retiring, shy; Suffering, personal sacrifice; Vague and deceptive; Addictions;

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