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Moon in Libra

Libra:  “I BALANCE”

Element:  Air

Quality:  Cardinal

Ruler:  Venus and Seventh House

The Moon in Libra is kind, sympathetic, agreeable, optimistic, fair and very fond of social gatherings. This is the Moon of the Seventh House of partnerships, beautifying communities and appreciating the Arts. She is the proverbial “Patron of the Arts and Music” and excels as a performer, too.

Moon in Libra is ruled by Venus and has a strong emotional need for people and relationships and is a thoughtful mate. She delights in making others feel accepted. Libra Moon is a Cardinal Air sign, known by being refined and would rather not get her hands dirty, if she can help it.

Good reasoning powers are one of the gifts of this Moon and her emotional love of fairness allows for her to have good judgments. Libra vibration is the emblem of peace, harmony, and perfect balance. She is the ultimate peacemaker and desires to be liked by everyone – which can be a fault. 

The dark side or shadow of Libra Moon may cause her seek peace at any price. Vacillation and indecisiveness causes her to be at odds with herself. When she steps outside of her emotional self, the Moon cannot make up your mind because she see all sides of an issue and desires to be fair.

Standing up for principles and remembering the beauty of all relationships, the Moon is able to find her harmonic balance once again and stand firm with good, sound judgements.


Relationship oriented; Pleasing, fair-minded; Tactful, diplomatic, peaceful; Romantic, idealistic marriage; Refinement, has good taste; Appreciates the Arts; Likes fine, expensive things; Impartial, considerate; Sees both sides of matters; SHADOW:  Indecisive, flirtatious; wishy-washy, apathetic, succumbs to following; unreliable, superficial; vain

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