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Moon in Leo

Leo:  “I WILL”

Element:  Fire

Quality:  Fixed

Ruler:  Sun and Fifth House

Leo is the charmer of the Zodiac when the Sun is traveling through. But when the Moon is in Leo, emotions change. The Moon would rather be center of attention and in the spotlight in the comfort of her own home – as opposed to center stage in public.

In the happiness of close friends and family members, the Leo Moon becomes the Comic. Lunar humor rules the Fifth House and is Fixed Fire. The lunar Comic likes to entertain and create. Her inner mission to set things in order and ensure that love abounds. She tries to set things right in her inner circle by organizing and controlling those she loves – just a bit.

Because of the close heart-connection to family and friends, the Moon needs a lot of love, care and attention to her emotional well-being in this vibration. Prone to dramatic reactions when feelings are hurt, expect sulking and a big display of emotion. Don’t worry, this mostly happens within the comfort of home.

In public, Leo Moon has way too much pride to be so undignified. The Moon would rather focus on integrity, justice for all and being super reasonable.

Due to the fixed nature of this sign, the Moon has a hard time letting go of hurt and changing directions of planned events. Give the Leo Moon time to adjust to changes and all will be well again.


Loving, loyal, faithful; Self-approval, self-worth; Self-confidence; Warm, affectionate, generous; Dignified, honorable, Integrity; Honest, direct; Vital, commanding Authority. Teacher; ; Creative, dramatic; Talented, artistic or musical; Fun loving, playful SHADOW: Arrogant, egotistical, vain; Conceited, snobbish

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