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Moon in Gemini

Gemini:  “I THINK”

Element:  Air

Quality:  Mutable

Ruler:  Mercury and Third House

The Moon in Gemini thinks before she feels. The tendency is to intellectualize her feelings and the Moon’s moods are expressed through words.

This Mutable Air quality can be unaware of deeper feelings and emotional needs. Gemini Moon talks about her feelings and has an emotional need  to communicate and share knowledge.

The Air is too light to dive deep into heavy, emotional relationships and involvements. That’s the job of a Fixed Water Moon. Commitment is scary because it denotes a lack of change and too much depth.

Gemini Moon would rather engage in mental stimulation and feels closest to people who share her thoughts and similar interests. Another versatile and receptive mind with a great desire for knowledge is super attractive to a Gemini Moon.

Moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury and the Third House. Moon in Gemini is social, charming, witty and warm-hearted. When feeling unsure and afraid, the Moon becomes nervous, anxious, and stressed out. The proverbial “Monkey Mind” starts babbling away and it becomes difficult to know which way is up or down.

Meditation and learning healthy forms of mental control should be developed or else indecisiveness and a constant changing mind will become a way of life.


Versatile, adaptable; Alert, curious, restless; Sociable, friendly, breezy; Keen perceptions & senses; Intellectual, mentally oriented; People-oriented; Open-minded. SHADOW: Superficial, flighty, two-faced; Indecisive, vacillating; Nervous energy, talkative; questioner

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