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Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn:  “I USE”

Element:  Earth

Quality:  Cardinal

Ruler:  Saturn and Tenth House

When the Moon is in Capricorn, she can be very serious and responsible. Here, the Moon hears the call of duty first above all else first. Why? Capricorn is opposite the Moon’s ruling sign, Cancer in the sky and is ruled by the Tenth House. The Moon is the farthest away from her natural frequency and the Moon shows up as the other parent, father. That is why she is so responsible.

Displaying  emotions for all to see is REALLY uncomfortable for Capricorn Moon. The masculine part of her Moon believes that an over-display of emotions is weak and thinks it is a sign that she needs help or support.

The Capricorn Moon does not like emotional dependency, and will tell herself and others not to be a “baby”. Capricorn Moon feels most secure in her own authority and that kind of security drives her to succeed.

If Capricorn Moon feels unloved or unwanted, a great sense of ambition takes hold. Capricorn Moon knows how to work smart and she intuitively knows the talents and skills of others. This Moon strategizes well to put the right people in the right places.  She may appear to be rather hard-nosed and tough, with a business-like attitude toward their personal concerns and feelings.

Capricorn Moon’s feelings and loyalties do run deep. She feels best when she learns to relax, enjoy yourself and play. Capricorn Moon is ruled by Saturn and the conservative nature of this Moon is reliable and ambitious. She has the down-to-Earth ability to bring plans to completion.

Watch out for being overly ambitious because Capricorn Moon can be utterly ruthless in her desire for power and success. When she focuses on the spiritual parentage of her vibration, all turns out well.


Conservative, formal; Respectful, industrious; Responsible, reliable; Disciplined, hard working; Ambitious, career oriented;   SHADOW:  Cautious, pessimistic, fearful; Objective, skeptical; Melancholy, brooding; Rigid, uncompromising; Rejecting, cold, unloving

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