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Moon in Cancer

Cancer:  “I FEEL”

Element:  Water

Quality:  Cardinal

Ruler:  Moon and Fourth House

The Moon is right at “Home” in Cancer, it’s ruling sign. Cancer is the “Mother” of the Zodiac and the Moon rules hearth, home, feelings and family.  

Cancer Moon is a Cardinal Water sign and soaks up feelings like a sponge and is very susceptible to her emotional surroundings. The Moon can become moody, irritable and feel too much because of that sponge-like absorption.

The Moon in Cancer rules the Fourth House and needs to learn ways to intuitively know what feelings are hers and what feelings are not. The Moon flows best when she realizes the importance of alone time to sort her feelings out.

The Cancer Moon’s greatest need is to nurture and nourish like a Mom. The term “Mother Hen” must have come from the Moon in Cancer. Emotional security is very important and a loving home and family life are key to making the Moon in Cancer happy. Just give her a stocked pantry, a big kitchen and an abundant garden and she will be in Heaven.

Because the Moon is completely feeling-based and right-brained, she can appear irrational and unable to explain the rationale or reasoning of her feelings. This is a Cardinal Water Moon – initiating and sourcing feelings. So, like Water, this vibration can be all over the place.

The Moon here is very sympathetic, intuitive and psychic and able to understand the unspoken feelings and needs of others. The sensitivity of the Moon can take slights very personally and will forgive but never forget.

The Moon in Cancer’s symbol is a Crab and she can be very tenacious and not give up or let go easily. Those crab claws know how to clench. The Moon will do whatever it takes to protect and defend her loved ones. This is when the Crab turns into a Mama Bear.

The Moon rules the past and Cancer Moon has a memory of an elephant or bet yet,  a steel trap. Reminiscing, memories, ancestors and antiquity are very attractive to Cancer Moon. There is so much emotional security in the past as well as a large savings account.

The Moon really likes to save for a rainy day and count the money rather than spend it. She is always saving to help someone she loves if they are in need of her care. 


Romantic; sympathetic, sensitive, receptive; Mothering, maternal instincts; intuitive, psychic; Domestic, home loving; Retentive memory, reflective; SHADOW:  Moody, emotional, Dependent, clinging, lazy; reactive, Tied to the past; Impressionable, Needs home for security; Needs protection

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