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Moon in Aries

Aries ~  “l AM ME”

Element:  Fire

Quality:  Cardinal

Ruler:  Mars and First House

When the Moon in Aries, the emotional energy is direct, impulsive, and has the honesty of a child. Blurting things out before one has had a chance to mull it over is very Aries. Aries is the ruler of the First House.

This fiery nature of the Moon invites you to live in the moment because this Moon has a hard time waiting for things to happen. Whims of the moment take absolute precedence because of an intensified inner passion.

The desire to act out needs right away and demand to be put first – front and center is a gift of Moon in Aries. Moon in Aries really shows us how to put our needs first.

Instant gratification makes Moon in Aries very happy and satisfied. Independence is like air to this Fire Moon. The personality is strong here but because the Moon is ruler of our emotions, confidence goes up and down.

Aries is the leader, initiator of the Fire element, so the Moon here is very good at starting new endeavors. It can get everyone fired up! But don’t count on Aries to stick around and finish. That would be for another sign – an Earth sign to ground and sustain it.

Moon in Aries rarely sulks or plays drama games. Aries is too bold and intelligent to manipulate. Moon in Aries knows what it wants at any given time.

Ruled by emotional needs, the Moon here is not always as concerned about others’ needs. The Fire element here draws people to help them solve problems. Just like moths to a flame.

Because of the childlike nature, Moon in Aries is used to its own way and can be super cute and charming at the same time.


Self-assertive, strong; Self-starter, takes initiative; Energetic, active Go-getter; fast paced; Spontaneous, enthusiastic; Adventuresome, fearless; Leadership potential; pioneer; Cheerful, eager; SHADOW:  Impatient, headstrong; Argumentative, selfish; aggressive; impulsive

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