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Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius:  “I KNOW”

Element:  Air

Quality:  Fixed

Ruler:  Uranus and Eleventh House

The emotions of the Moon in Aquarius are guided by intellect and a cool detachment when it comes to connecting with them. Ruled by Uranus, she can appear cold and aloof only because of the way she processes her feelings is very different. She is Fixed Air and can be way out there! Her lunar vibration steadies the emotions of Air.

Aquarius rules the Eleventh House of Groups, Friendships and your Soul Tribe. Moon in Aquarius finds emotional stability and security in connecting with groups of people, especially if they are Utopian in nature and seek to benefit the whole.

The Moon is naturally ruled by Cancer which loves family ties and attachments. But the Moon changes shape in Aquarius and friends become more like family.

Aquarius Moon relishes freedom and independence in relationships. She really needs her space! Jealousy and possessiveness can be a problem because Aquarius Moon likes to experiment and play the field. If too much personal space is taken away, this Moon can be impersonal, stubborn, erratic, rebellious, rigid, emotionally cramped and selfish.

Aquarius Moon is very revolutionary, inventive, unique and progressive in thought. Her utmost desire is to make the world a better place. Aquarius Moon is a friendly, intuitive, humane, progressive and independent.  Expressing the unusual ideas and challenging the status quo surprises others and wakes them up!


Humanitarian, altruistic; Inventive, original; Imaginative, futuristic; Unconventional, eccentric; Scientific, friendly, group-oriented. SHADOW:  Detached, impersonal; Rebellious, non-conforming; Erratic, unpredictable;; Unaffectionate, cold

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