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Gemini Ascendant

GeminiGemini Ascendant is learning how to be more airy and intellectual, quick witted and curious about life and about other people. Gemini’s totem is the Twins and there are always two sides to every conversation. Gemini rules the Third House and its ruling planet is Mercury and rules the mind, thoughts, speech and behaviors. 

Since Gemini Ascendant is the sign of dual thought process, communication and the curious conscious mind also fall under its domain. Gemini Ascendant can experience two sides of the same thing, and tends to be fickle when choosing sides.

Gemini rarely seems bored since nothing escapes their attention. Gemini Ascendant enjoys engaging in a variety of experiences to gain knowledge. The Gemini mind can retain a vast amount of information and even wow their friends with instant recall. Gemini Ascendant makes a good teacher. 

The curious twins are witty and have a good sense of humor, making for an excellent conversationalist. To get a party going, invite a Gemini Ascendant. On the flipside, Gemini can be nervous and anxiety-prone, or even a little mischievous. 

Meditation is the elixir. A peaceful mind creates a peaceful life. Once Gemini is grounded and engaging in mental self-discipline, they have tremendous abilities for intellectual and artistic possibilities.

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