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Fourth House

The Fourth House represents your feelings, family, home, childhood and ancestral memories. Your Fourth House describes your home and family growing up. This is the house of your roots, your nurturing and your parents and family background.  

In the Fourth House your childhood memories are kept alive like a scrapbook and snapshot of who you are explaining your past. This house examines the things which you have kept from your childhood and the things which you’ve let go of.

The Fourth House is ruled by the Moon and the zodiac sign of Cancer.  The Moon represents Mother and Cancer represents your level of nurturing. It is the house of your conditioning and psychological foundations.  

The Fourth House has the IC, the Imum Coeli, the lowest point of your zodiac wheel. This is why it’s described as being your roots. It describes how you ground and center yourself in this lifetime. It’s located directly opposite from your mid-heaven or highest point of your zodiac wheel which is found in your Tenth House.

In the physical body the Fourth House rules the uterus, digestion, breasts, stomach and womb.

The octave to the Fourth House is the Tenth House. The Tenth House rules your career and the way you contribute your gifts, skills and talents to the world.

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