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First House

The First House is the “I AM” house. This house represents Self, your personality, body type, identity and ego. Your First House is the way you present yourself to others. Your Ascendant sign is the vibrational first impression you make on others.

Your First House is a treasure trove of information and is vital how you can be of help to yourself.  The First House is about your appearance, your sense of well-being, your attitude and identity.  Any planet within eight degrees of your Ascendant sign will have a profound influence on your personality and characteristics.  

Aries and Mars are the natural rulers of the First House.  Aries is courageous, driven and ambitious.  Mars in this house reacts quickly and is passionate, dynamic and energetic.

In the physical body, the First House rules the head, face, upper lip, and upper jaw, cerebrum (brain).

The octave to the First House of Self is the Seventh House of relationships with others. The Seventh House is where you bring in your authentic vibration of the First House to harmonize with the authentic vibrations of others.

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