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Fifth House

The Fifth House represents your creativity, joy, pleasure, bliss, recreation and romance. In your Fifth House are the affairs of the heart, romance, entertainments, amusements, pleasures and creativity.  

The Fifth House governs romance but not love, pleasures but not fulfillment. It is the house of self-expression, explaining why some sing in the church choir and others crave the excitement found in casinos.

The Fifth House of amplifies your desires, both conscious unconscious. Leo and the Sun rule the Fifth House; and showcase the things which excite you and the pleasures you enjoy in the world.  

The Fifth House is integral to your happiness and helps you to understand those things which truly make you happy. Its house motto is, “Follow your bliss.”

In the physical body the Fifth House rules the heart, spine, sides of the body, upper back.

The octave of the Fifth House is the Eleventh House. In the Fifth House, you find what lights you up and brings you joy. The Eleventh House takes that vibration and attracts others like you to be your friends, groups and draws together your Soul Tribe. The Eleventh House motto is, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

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