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In astronomy, Eris is a newly discovered planet at the edge of our known Universe. Since she is so far away, her cycles through a zodiac sign are the longest, near 500 years. So at this time and 300 years prior, everyone on the planet has their natal Eris in Aries. To me, Eris is the thread that ties us all together. Women naturally embody the Feminine frequency in their biology at the most basic level. And all people, men, and women embody the spiritual nature of the Feminine.

Possessing more masculine energy, Eris is the archetypal goddess of the courage needed in battle. The story of Wonder Woman is the modern-day version of Eris.

In astrology, Eris represents where we need to be brave, stand-alone, and fight for what is right.

☆ Goddess Of War ☆ The Freedom Fighter ☆ Courage ☆ Warrior ☆

Eris is the Goddess of Strife and Discord. She is the sister of Mars, God of war, who is more than willingly accompanied him into battle. She is considered the cause of the Trojan War. The Greek story proclaims that Eris was jealous of being left out of a wedding. She is the one who threw the golden apple of discord into the gathering. The myth of Snow White is connected to the power of Eris when the Queen asks, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

Eris carries a motif of the struggle for survival that is inherent in the natural world. She reflects a darker side of our common humanity that must be acknowledged and faced in our current times. Where she located in your chart, you have the capability to make a powerful and perhaps ruthless stand for yourself, and do battle against all odds.

Potential Eris issues are lack of courage, jealousy, feeling left out, too much rage, headstrong, acting without thinking of consequences, and rejection of others before they hurt you by locking them out of your life.

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