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Eleventh House

The Eleventh House represents liberation, revolution, individuality and your Soul Tribe. Where the Tenth House is about your status and achievements, the Eleventh House contains your dreams, hopes and wishes.  

In this house lie your humanitarian causes and your charity.  In the Tenth House you sought tangible goals, but in the Eleventh House you seek to fulfill your dreams of building a better world and sharing it with others.

Aquarius, Saturn (traditional ruler) and Uranus rule in the Eleventh House.  Aquarius, the water bearer, is progressive, humane and intellectual, but also electric, wild and unpredictable. Ruling jointly, Saturn is the taskmaster while Uranus is the awakener, the bringer of sudden change, always ready to shake things up.

While the Tenth House you learn about the struggle between your ambition and structure, the Eleventh is where you learn about your dreams and responsibilities.

In the physical body, the Eleventh House rules the arteries, ankles, and calves of the legs and shins.

The octave to the Eleventh House is its counterpart the Fifth House. The Fifth House is naturally ruled by Leo and the Sun. The Fifth House’s domain of life experiences is our joy, creativity, happiness and playful romance.

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