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Chiron is the archetype of the Inner Wounded Healer. Chiron is an asteroid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron circulates has a mysterious perpendicular, elliptical orbit. It is considered a “non-planet” and a celestial enigma. Chiron is one of the most complex and important symbols in your natal chart. Its orbit is 50-51 years and this marks the “Return of Chiron” as a rite of passage at this milestone birthday marker, too.

Chiron in the chart can truly explain the stories of real-life events and circumstances in our lives. The energy of Chiron actually brings into the consciousness wounds experienced in a previous life. The current incarnation serves as the medicine for healing the Chironic wound.

Chiron’s myth begins with the story of his birth. A Greek myth, Chiron was the very first Centaur born in the world. His mother is Philyra a Nymph and his father is the god Saturn Cronos. Upon his birth, his mother was horrified that he was half man and half horse, so she abandoned him to die in the woods. This is the first wounding of Chiron: abandonment. He was found by Apollo who parented by him and taught him the knowledge of the gods. In order to survive, Chiron had to heal the primal wound of abandonment through self-love. He became a highly skilled healer and scholar that others came to for teachings and healings, many among the greatest of the Greek heroes. Chiron receives his second wound in a battle from one of Hercule’s poisoned arrows that left Chiron with his second wound: physical pain. This is connected to the proverbial “Achille’s Heel” – that which causes us the greatest pain. It was this pain that led Chiron to do his final act of service. He felt such compassion at the pain of Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods to give to humans. Chiron pleaded with the gods to take the place of Prometheus so that he would die and be relieved of his physical pain. Chiron’s third wound is the release of the physical body but through the energy of compassion. He becomes the greatest among the gods for his selfless sacrifice. In this final stage, Chiron becomes the “Rainbow Bridge” to help others transform from suffering.

How to work with Chiron ~ The theme of abandonment is key to healing your Chironic wounds. Parental abandonment of the child creates an imprint of fear of abandonment as the dominant theme in our relationships with others and the world. It is important to identify within yourself the three phrasal archetypes of Chiron: Victim, Perpetrator, and Healer. Chiron’s story teaches the acceptance of our own suffering that opens the door to becoming the Healer. The Chiron gift for those hurt the earliest in life has the biggest gifts to give as an adult.

Chiron issues appear as feeling vulnerable, weak, or one that evokes feelings of low self-esteem, past hurts – our “baggage,” repeated patterns of insecurities and failures, abandonment, victimization, bullying, chronic self-doubt, inability to be in loving relationships, and fear of rejection.

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