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Cancer Ascendant

CancerCancer Ascendant is learning to be more nurturing and protective of others. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign ruling the domain of feelings. Ruled by the Moon and the Fourth House, Cancer Ascendants tend to be moody, with your emotions constantly changing, just like the Moon.

The position of the Moon in a Cancerian chart is very important. The position gives a view of the way her personality is likely to develop. If the Moon is well-placed, life flows easily like a wave in the ocean. If the Moon is not well-placed, stressful emotions reflect difficulties in the feelings about herself and others.

Cancer Ascendant rules the family, the past, childhood memories and home. Finding security within the family structure, home life becomes very important. Cancer is the essential “homebody”.

Cancer Ascendant likes to collect the antiques and anything that reminds her of past experiences. There is security in remembering and holding onto the past. Strongly tied to reflecting upon the past, Cancer Ascendant is the type who can be happy for hours in an antique store.

Cancer Ascendant may appear passive, subtle, rather than direct, and are likely to reflect the moods of those around her. But don’t be fooled. Cancer’s totem is the Crab and like crab claws, her grip on what she loves is instinctual and intense. Cancer has fierce levels of love. 

She can benefit from shedding the light of conscious reason on her habitual emotional patterns, by focusing on her true goals. Because of her caring nature, she is good at taking care of others and working well with the public.

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