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Black Moon Lilith


Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith is the archetype of the original divine Feminine essence. Black Moon Lilith represents the apogee of the lunar orbit, where it lies farthest from the earth. Her mystical astrological cycle around your natal chart is nine years. 

Possessing an original divine Feminine power, Black Moon Lilith is an important vibration of the feminine that has been lost and shunned in modern patriarchal society.

In astrology, Black Moon Lilith represents our Shadow Self and is the key to personal transformation to reclaim one’s power as a Soul. 

☆ Goddess Of Power ☆ The Original Feminine ☆ Shadow Self ☆ Wholeness ☆

Lilith was worshipped in ancient Babylonia as the handmaiden of Innana and viewed with distrust as the archetype of wild and uncontrolled Feminine energy. She is also identified as the first and rejected wife of Adam before Eve. Lilith was too argumentative and too insistent on claiming her equality. She is associated with raw sexual power and its spiritual use as in a Tantra practice. 

Lilith is the archetype for the dark unknown part of ourselves that represents our unchained sexuality, and the primal female nature in both men and women. Lilith represents the potentially walled-off world of dark, instinctual urges that come from deep inside ourselves and lead us toward transcendence. When her influence is developed and explored through spiritual practice, she becomes a powerful ally for healing and regaining wholeness.

Where Black Moon Lilith is found in your chart, either by aspect or by house position, She urges you to explore the dark unknown, and instinctual side of your feminine sexuality.  Embrace the healing power of acknowledging and honoring this powerful, creative influence in your life.

Potential Black Moon Lilith issues are the rage of being repressed and excluded from everyday life, primal fears, self-projection, disempowerment, feeling owned and oppressed, shadow emotions, lack of creativity, and sexual dysfunctions. 

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