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Aquarius Ascendant

AquariusAquarius Ascendant is learning how to live more in the future with an unique approach to life. Fixed Air sign, Aquarius Ascendant is forward thinking and out there, making Aquarius ahead of her time.   Aquarius rules the Eleventh House and its ruling planet is Uranus – ruler of Lightning and electricity, and also Saturn in ancient times before Uranus was discovered.

Aquarius is the liberator of Souls and her symbol is the Water Bearer pouring new consciousness onto the planet. In order to be unique and different, Aquarius needs to have a rebellious nature, be eccentric, spontaneous and original.

Because Aquarius is an Air sign, thinking is your preferred focus of activity. Aquarius is more scientifically minded and logical, with radical ideas mostly likely coming to her from the future. No matter what the information is, Aquarius Ascendant will be confident in what she knows to be true.

Aquarius Ascendant is very intuitive, imaginative and inventive, especially in the service of her and her community’s goals. She truly values society and sharing ideals, hopes and dreams for a better common tomorrow. 

Being noble in her deepest nature, Aquarius Ascendant doesn’t like to settle for the status quo. Her quest for a brighter future may come across as critical and demanding. But her higher vision for a highest purpose is found in the advancement of social and humanitarian ideals.

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