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Reset your Prayer Energy with Sagittarius New Moon!

Sagittarius frequency is the wise Sage elder aspect of ourselves. It is the part of yourself who sees the Big picture of Life and moves confidently and joyfully in the direction of your dreams. This New Moon, Dec. 11th at 2:29 AM PST, invites you to dance your Truth and move in the direction that Life is calling you. 

Let’s be clear: The Universe is benevolent and Life is the energy that benevolence creates Itself through. What is the energy of Life calling you to become? The current cosmic flow in the Sagittarius vibration is creating a lust and a yearning to know your deeper Truth. The Archer shoots arrows into the future. The aim is perfect, direct and purposeful. The Archer does not expect to miss the mark. Last lunation in Scorpio asks you to Trust, be vulnerable and to dive deep. Now is the time to reset your Prayer/Big Picture Energy via The Archer vibration!

Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, The Archer and this Jupiterian energy is fun, jovial and light-hearted. Of course, that’s the Spirit’s natural way of being, right? Jupiter likes to expand visions and that means to open your Heart-Mind and travel the Cosmos seeking Truth and questing for your Holy Grail.

Take all this in put it inside a New Moon. This vessel is the invitation to create, attract and magnetize something new. Plant your seeds of intentional personal growth this week. Take advantage of the Sun (conscious Self) in harmony with Uranus (Great Awakener) this week, too. All in Fire signs (Sagittarius and Aries) which equals You being intune with your Higher Spiritual Self.

Need more help in how to align personally with the bigger energies? Schedule a reading with me to harmonize your vibrant tonal frequency in the Universal orchestra of Life. Best gift you can give to yourself and others is to be in Harmony with your true Nature. AaaUuuMmm …. !

(Photo by Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet, Poem:  The Children)

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