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Renewed, Restored and Regenerated: Survivor’s 3rd Quarter Moon in Aries

This week’s final foundational lunar phase brings more great power for change. The level of power released during last week’s Full Moon conjunct Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, has lit the fuse for a transformation of your Soul’s authority.  The 3rd Quarter Moon happens at 24 degrees Aries making its final square with the Sun at 24 degrees Cancer on July 16, 2017 at 12:25 PM PST.  This Aries Moon is called the “Survivors Moon” and invites you to take action around Reflection and Letting go of past pain and wounding.

This is the week when you truly will experience the “rising from your ashes” from the release on the Full Moon. Third Quarter Moons are designed to help you review your lunar journey since the New Moon. You have set your intentions from a place of Wisdom. You have broken through walls, faced limitations and released your pain. Now it is time, for you as a Wise Woman Warrior, to cross over the bridge of past suffering into the place where the stories of pain die and the Heroine lives. When you are pulled through the Eye of the Needle, what lays on the other side?  Who and what do you need to support your continuing evolution? Take this week to reflect upon your journey and go inward into your Higher Self to discover your answers.

Grand Cardinal Square of Power:

You have a lot of powerful help and support from the karmic alignments now. The energetics of the Survivor’s Moon are POWERFUL! Yods, Trines, and a Grand Cardinal Square! BOOM! Grand Cardinal Squares (or Cross) contain pent up, bound energy for change. The ignition switch is “taking Action”. The key to using the power of this Grand Cardinal Square is to find where the harmony is. Lucky us, the Universe has brought in a Grand Fire Trine of Spiritual Harmonic energy.  The alchemical trick is to make a personal connection to the planet that is aligned with the Grand Fire Trine. That is the Survivors Aries Moon that is now in conjunction (within 10 degrees) of Eris and Uranus! Here is your source of Power. What House does Aries rule in your Natal Chart? This is where you will want to take action on releasing and letting go!

As you focus on the Aries Moon’s energy, insights and messages, you will initiate a Boomerang effect. As you focus on the Moon, it sends a wave of harmony to its opposing octave planet:  Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter in Libra is also part of this Grand Square. Don’t focus on Jupiter in Libra without the Moon’s influence first. If you don’t this energy can trap you in the harshness of Grand Square dynamics.

Instead, make a spiritual connection between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Libra. Don’t get stuck in the Jupiter angle of the Grand Square. You must focus on the Fire Aries Moon because it is receiving the Fire Trine energy of Saturn, North Node and Uranus. That’s pretty much asking HEBs (Higher Evolved Beings) to show and give you help, support and assistance.

Fire Trine:

There is an amazing Grand Fire Trine existing between Saturn in Sagittarius (The Hierophant/Sage), Mercury, North Node and Vesta in Leo (The Sacred Servant-Heart Messenger) and Uranus/Moon/Eris in Aries (Return of the Awakened Feminine Shakti). This fiery Spiritual energy is being harmonized by Jupiter in Libra (expanding Harmonic relationships) and Venus in Gemini (communications, conversations and thoughts of Love)! You can’t go wrong with this one!

The Takeaway:

Some of you may be getting hot just reading this! That’s your Spirit wanting to take authority and govern over your new sovereign state:  your “I AM” Presence. Take the road less traveled to the other side of your pain. Be a witness to your journey. Begin to tell the next chapter of your life ~ the one where the Heroine survives, stronger, bolder, wiser and infused with Love and Compassion. Look to your Aries-ruled House in your Natal chart and walk as the Wise Woman Warrior to the other side and complete your transformation. What will you see? What will you learn? How will you show up now as the Moon sets sails for awakening your Joy, your Heart and your creative Self-expression in the sign of Leo on July 23, 2017 at 2:45 AM.

Continuing on your Path renewed, restored and regenerated will set you up for success to answer your Soul’s calling for the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017!

Wow what a wild, strange and wonderful trip this is!


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