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Renaissance of the Feminine

You are invited to the Renaissance of the Feminine. RSVP here.

Venus, the Goddess of the Feminine, has completed her 8-year dance with the Sun. Venus represents your inner connection to your feelings, emotions and how you express Love. As Venus  arose from the Underworld refreshed at 26 Pisces April 15, 2017, she brings with her a renewed sense of what she values. Value of self, and value of what others bring into her life. During her descent she re-evaluated her relationships to self-esteem, finances and relationships (many times these are all intertwined, going hand-in-hand). As your inner Venus energy goes direct, do you feel a greater sense of what is of value to you?

Venus is now poised to begin a new 8-year cycle with the Sun as she dances in a 5-pointed star pattern.

As the planets align in 2017, there is a “Renaissance of the Feminine” unfolding. You may have heard of the “Return of the Feminine” from Eris, Goddess of Dischord, point of view. This is the same but from Venus’ point of view. Let’s dive in!

Framing of the Renaissance:  Present

The Sabian Symbol for Venus ascent at 26 Pisces is “New Moon Reveals that it is Time for People to go ahead with their Different Projects”. What does that mean, you ask? Venus as The Feminine has emerged from the Cosmic waters of Pisces with renewed strength of who she is and what she values in relationships, finances and her worth. The New Moon frequency of this degree taps you into you opening your doorway for new possibilities, potentials and purpose. You can let go of the old, tired, worn out versions of the Feminine within you and step over into a New Age of Enlightenment. After all, isn’t that what the Renaissance is all about?

Past:  Where we have been

The Karmic symbol is 25 Pisces “Purging of the Priesthood”. This is the energy that is being released. To me, this vibration is one of the Feminine under the thumb of the Dark Ages during the Inquisition era. What in the name of orthodoxy has been done to damage the Soul of the Feminine vibration? We have seen it in the way we treat our Earth (rape and pillage of resources), Indigenous People (genocide and labeling as “heathens”) and disempowerment of women throughout most of our history. Let us acknowledge and accept what has been. Forgive and feel compassion. And move on.

Future:  Where we are going

The Destiny symbol is 27 Pisces “Full Harvest Moon Illuminates the Sky”. This feels to be the energy of where the Feminine is going and heralds the Renaissance. This is the celebration of abundance and celebrating sweet full fruits of your labors. It’s fertility and fulfillment. But being a wise Woman, you know that this time also requires diligence to ensure your coiffures remain full and overflowing. The Feminine is definitely celebrating but also saving her energy for the work yet to come – Rebalancing the Planet with truth, hope and shared visions of a global human family.

Planetary Assistants:  Chiron + Saturn

At this time, Venus is connected to Chiron “Wounded Healer” in Pisces who has been healing the tears in your Soul fabric. To move forward, forgiveness and compassion are your fuel. Forgive and have compassion for yourself first, – healing old wounds and then forgive and have compassion for others – especially one who has hurt you in the past. Acceptance is your “Drink Me” elixir. These old wounds stay in your energetic magnetic field and need to be acknowledged and transformed so your tune – or your vibrational frequency – can attract something new, better and more fulfilling into your life.

Venus is in square relationship with Saturn – your current spiritual teacher until 4/21/17. To harmonize this relationship and embrace the gift, calls for creative rest. Movement will feel somewhat stalled, but this is designed to allow Venus to collect herself, her gifts and her energy within you to move forward to make your life a work of art and to dance (instead of stumbling and falling down). Saturn is creating a new set of ground rules and non-negotiables for you, a newly born Goddess vibration.

Celebrate this time. Commune with your inner Venus. Connect with others to join the dance. Stay in tune with Lunar Ladies to support your Venus moving forward. You are who we have been praying for.

You are invited to the Renaissance of the Feminine. RSVP here.

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