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Releasing Sorrows of the Past with 1st Quarter Cancer “Weeping Moon”

The 1st Quarter Moon moves into Cancer @ 8:35 AM PST/11:35 AM EST on March 24, 2018. This is the “Weeping Moon” and occurs at 3 degrees Cancer. The Moon is Mother and in Her home sign now. What could possibly make the Moon weep? Her child (Sun in Aries) feeling the abandonment by becoming the Orphaned Child — no home and no mother. Were you emotionally abandoned in childhood? It’s time to receive the Healing you need.

1st Quarter Energy:  Moon squares the Sun.

This is the week where the Moon and Sun help you to move through old stuck patterns and emotional blocks to liberate your creative Shakti energy. The Moon (subconscious awareness through emotions) squares the Sun (self-awareness through perception). This “blocking” energy creates a build-up of Universal Qi that forms enough tension to breakthrough an old paradigm of lower vibrational living.

This will be a deeply felt lunar week. Watch for self-pity. This challenge is about leaving that built up safe haven created by your past grief. The Universe is giving you the Qi to embody the courage to reach out and connect with the world again. Cancer Moon is your most watery feelings, and it may take time and tenacity to push through sorrow. As Cancerian themes show up, look to clear family dysfunction from your birth family or within your lineage. Release those pictures of the ideal family and open your heart to self-nurturing and take care of yourself moving forward this week.

The 3 degree Cancer 1st Quarter Moon’s Sabian Symbol is “A Cat arguing with a Mouse”. Do you argue with your mind and your emotions? Are you playing a game of chess with your inner Predator and Prey? Hmmm…

The 1st Quarter Moon is the energy that is pushing your Pisces New Moon intentions into action. You are going to take the Starseed Dreamer’s Moon to the next level and work through obstacles to make those breakthroughs! Ready? Let’s go!

Sabian Symbols Story:  KeyCodes for Growth

There is an Cardinal Grand Square with a missing element of Libra (Universe holds that space). Grand Squares are major forces of change and in a Cardinal quality it becomes the initiation a new cycle of creation. The “T-square” is between Mars at 3 degrees Capricorn and the Sun at 3 degrees Aries. Mars creates an octave of Harmony to the Moon, too. Capricorn and Cancer are the Father and Mother of the Zodiac. Libra at 3 degrees is the Universe’s response and holds the space of “union”. Let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbols Story KeyCodes!

KEYCODE #1:  Moon at 3 degrees Cancer:  “A CAT ARGUING WITH A MOUSE.” KEYNOTE: An attempt at self-justification.Keyword:  RATIONALIZATION This is about arguing and being unable to let things go. It’s about the useless time you waste in worrying about things that don’t really matter. What old values need review? The cat and mouse archetypes show an imbalance. There can be a desire to justify both sides of yourself. The game is to end silly monkey mind chatter, to and fro thinking and mind games you play with yourself

KEYCODE #2: Sun at 3 degrees Aries:  “TWO LOVERS STROLLING ON A SECLUDED WALK.” KEYNOTE: The progressive polarization of energies needed for fulfilling one’s life function. Keyword:  POLARIZATION This Symbol speaks of loneliness and fantasizng about your Other Half. Be with someone you love and enjoy their presence without rushing. Ask yourself, “Can I be with that part of me I never have time for?” Release the outside world of distractions and touch the deeper layers of your heart. Find time for quiet romance and walk the path of Lovers. Go for peace and privacy and understand the difference between alone and loneliness.

KEYCODE #3:  Mars at 3 degrees Capricorn:   “A GROUP OF PEOPLE OUTFITTING A LARGE CANOE AT THE START OF A JOURNEY BY WATER.” KEYNOTE: The ability to use natural resources and basic skills in order to achieve a group-purpose. Keyword:  Group-Activity Mars is here to help your Cancerian Moon come out of Her shell. This is about your journey with others. When people come together to accomplish something. it can become an adventure. Group activities embark on emotional discoveries of interacting with each another. With cooperation and being focused on the same direction, groups can experience great successes.

KEYCODE #4:  Missing Element ~ 3 degrees Libra:  “AROUND A CAMPFIRE A GROUP OF YOUNG PEOPLE SIT IN SPIRITUAL COMMUNION.” KEYNOTE: The necessity to unite with kindred spirits as one enters unbeaten paths illumined by the still-insecure light of a dawning intuition of new values. Keyword:  IN-SPIRITING The Universe is bringing you a gift of Harmony by bringing you into spiritual communion. Be with others who share same values, feelings, aspirations, goals and beliefs. Being with others like this opens up to the most creative possibilities. Remember that you are never alone. Your Soul Tribe is both visible and invisible. Gather with them to lift your spirits.

The Takeaway:

Create a new cycle of creation by releasing sorrows from the past. Give up any arguments that you have between your mind and your emotions. Meditate to calm mental chatter. Discover your connection to solitude and loneliness. Reach out to your Soul Tribe and you will break through any obstacles to fulfill your Pisces New Moon intentions. Align with Mercury Retrograde’s power to dispel the myth of Duality and come into union with your Heart-Mind. AUMmmmm.


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