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Release Polarity and Let a Higher Light Flow through You! Virgo Full “Spinner’s Moon”

Full Virgo “Spinner’s Moon” at 19 degrees Virgo on March 9, 2020, at 10:47 AM PST/11:47 AM MST/12:47 PM CST/1:47 PM EST


Welcome to the week of the Full Moon in Virgo ~ the “Spinner’s Moon”! The Full Moon is inviting you to devote yourself to walking your spiritual path. Within this invitation is the power of releasing “polarity consciousness” from your mind. Take this week to do a major “Spring Cleaning” of your attitudes, beliefs, judgments, and opinions. When you have polarized points of view, it’s much easier to lose your way and get lost in a myriad of illusions. Make sure you listen to WTF! What the Frequency Full Moon Podcast for more insights!

The Virgo Full “Spinner’s Moon” sets off a sequence of 5 Super Moons! Mercury goes direct today too! This creates a super impact on the already enlarged Super Full Moon. Mercury, in Aquarius, and now direct, is reinforcing the electrical nature of how powerful our collective thought forms can be. When emotions run high, so do Earth weather events. What you are seeing now is the pre-empt for Saturn’s return to Aquarius on the eve of the New Moon and Zodiac Year 2020 in Aries on March 23rd. The last time Saturn was in his ancient sign of Aquarius was February 1991-January 1994 (do yourself a favor and look back to this time in your life). Saturn will square the modern ruler, Uranus. Uranus sits in earthly Taurus when this goes occurs!

Chiron and Lilith have been in exact conjunction at 4 degrees Aries – and this is the next New Moon energy! The Sabian Symbol is “A Triangle with Wings” and sets into motion the healing of your Body and Spirit by opening you up to divine love. Now is the time to make sure that your loving and positive intentions will be a healing balm to yourself and others. Connect to your ability to stay attuned to the spiritual wavelength which simplifies, harmonizes and elevates the atmosphere all around you. When you can just be yourself, all negativity falls away and your path opens clearly before you.

Sun and Moon News:

The Sun opens up the Full Moon frequency by aligning exact with Neptune and Venus aligns with Uranus. Jupiter sings to the Full Moon to remind you to be receptive to the highest and clearest energy to which you can attune. With your heart, create empty space so the Universe can create a vacuum and draw new energy towards and into you. Align with The Four Agreements to look at your assumptions and what you take for granted. These block the inflow of new energy and inspiration that wants nothing more than to merge with you.

Venus and Uranus go “Kaboom!” This dynamic duo wants you to know that if you are unsure of what you are doing, it’s OK! Don’t worry, you will find what you are looking for. It is your destiny to seek the richness that is all around you. What you are creating is a rich, imaginative and inventive inner life. Your high frequency, Soul-inspired life is what helps others transcend the limits of the separated self. You can help free others of the burdens of the Ego by helping them see the power of their dreams.


: – : Putting the Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces Together : – :


The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Pisces intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your Soul power and Love Power. The Universe loves to create with you for your highest good. Release all that stands in your way of experiencing divine embodiment of health, wealth and a desire to be of service from a place within that overflows with a spiritual connection. Utilize the Virgo Full Moon’s power to destroy old mental and emotional behaviors that have you serving from an empty cup. Celebrate your ability to connect to the Universe and be satiated and full instead!

“Spinner’s Moon”:  Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo is called the “Spinner’s Moon” and draws forth Clothos, the Spinner of the Three Fates sisters. Clothos is the Sister of Fate who spins the thread of life. Her sisters, Lachesis decides how long each thread of life will be and Atropos, decides when each thread of Life comes to an end. During this Virgo Full Moon, Clothos, the Spinner, reveals the health and wellness of your thread of life. This powerful Virgo energy wants you to implement healthy boundaries and healthy routines to ensure that your life is clean and clear. Be committed to taking good care of yourself in 2020. Put your health and wellness first.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury and during this Super Full Moon, Mercury goes direct and begins to retrace your spiritual path in Pisces since February 2, 2020. Take note of your Aquarius and Pisces-ruled Houses in your Natal chart to receive messages from Mercury. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to learn how to do this!

*SUPER TIP:  The shadow of Virgo shows up as anxiety, nervous energy, and intestinal problems. Auto-immune diseases carry emotional dissonance of unclear boundaries in relationships. Channel this shadow energy by cleaning, organizing and coming into whole healthy boundaries. Check your Virgo-ruled house and your 6th house in your Natal chart.

14th Lunar Mansion:  “The Scepter”

The Spinner’s Moon passes through the 14th Lunar Mansion this week. This cosmic mansion of “The Scepter” is guarded by Mars and Venus. The 14th Lunar Mansion warns you about feeling like you are not getting where you want to be in your life. Watch out for getting caught up in the moment and being misguided by this energy. You are learning the power of discernment. Interview your passions to find out if they really serve the best interests of your heart. Use this discernment as a “Scepter” to redirect your energy, focus, and desire into projects that have long-term benefits. As you get clear on what energies are supporting your highest good, you can rid yourself of toxins that oppress your joy. Support your clarity with your Angels and Guides for assistance as you powerfully move forward in your life. Learn more about how to expand your lunar powers when you join the Lunar Ladies Club.

Moon Opposes the Sun:  Full Moon

: ~ : Virgo Full Moon : ~ :

“Worshipers circumambulating a sacred stone.”

The Virgo Full “Spinner’s Moon” has you sensing the inherent meaning of life in the purest and most-simplified way. Tune in to the magic of simplicity, which can bring everything into harmony. Practice the “Three A’s”:  awareness, acknowledgment, and acceptance. Accept what is, for it is there to encourage your evolution. Keep the cosmic aspect of reality in mind. Know there is an underlying spiritual foundation to everything that happens to you. “Do you feel connected and can you work with those spiritual realities?” To connect means the unknown must be entered into, risks are taken, and experiments attempted. That’s a big jump for the analytical Virgo mind! If your fear of doing these things wins out, then the inaccessibility of these realms will be experienced because you chose to “play it safe.” Your Higher Self is asking you to grow now and evolve. If you cannot at this time, you will feel unfulfilled and frustrated. If you find yourself in this space, just know it means that it is time to take a leap of Faith! The Full Moon’s image says there are groups of like-minded and like-hearted Souls who are circling the sacred stones together. You will not be alone!

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. Mercury goes direct at 28 degrees Aquarius.  Your inner Wise Crone expresses poetic magic about the great mysteries of the Universe. In the gentle, protected sanctuary of your Soul, let yourself be renewed by what inspires you. Take into your being the ripeness and fullness of the beauty of nature. Attune to the ancient feminine wisdom within and allow intimate connection with the elemental kingdoms to nourish your Soul. Be present with the sensitivity of the flows of your emotions. Connect with this flow of feelings in yourself and sense how they flow within others.

: ~ : Pisces Sun : ~ :

“A perfect black cube sits alone in the desert.”

The Pisces Sun shines a light on your dedication to being yourself without compromise. When you truly tune into your Soul, you may find yourself separate or different from others who are still living in the mainstream. This is the world you were born to change. You change it by not trying to fit into it. If you find yourself feeling alone, ask yourself this:  what is the value of this isolation? Solitude is a way that you can renew yourself and reconnect to your pure integrity. The Pisces Sun evokes curiosity within you to learn more about your True Self. This is most easily done through spending time in solitude. Be careful of crossing the fine line of solitude into isolation. Always check your intentions and motivations for wanting more alone time. Sometimes it comes more from fear, frustration, and apathy.

Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces. The Pisces Sun is conjunct with its modern ruler, Neptune, this week. Neptune brings an immense sweetness to enrich your solitude time this week. Your inner Mystic carries the magic of wondrous abundance that manifests as your imaginative and intuitive insight. Tune into your ability to be understanding, compassionate, and empathetic towards yourself and others. All you need to do is embody these gifts and not repress them or question their value. Simply just be and share your spiritual light with the world.

Wrap Up:  Let the Light Flow

The Full Virgo “Spinner’s Moon” wants you to always keep the cosmic aspect of reality in mind, and know that there is an underlying spiritual foundation to everything. Ask yourself, “Do I feel connected to my spiritual messages and helpers? Or do I feel distant and disconnected from those spiritual realities?” The great Goddess Vesta and the Virgo Full Moon remind you that when you experience the completeness of cycles, you turn attention towards the center of pure consciousness around which everything revolves.

Remember that what you need to survive and thrive is always near you. When you live in this way, you automatically stay connected to your spiritual realities. Focusing on this truth, you become increasingly more receptive to the creativity and inspiration of the spiritual light that desires only to flow through you.

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