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Release & Clear Masks & Mind: 3rd Quarter Aquarius Moon

The 3rd Quarter Moon happens May 7, 2018 at 7:09 PM PST/10:09 PM EST at 17 degrees Aquarius. This is the ending phase of the Aries lunar cycle (that began April 15, 2018). The Moon and Sun now make their final square. The waning Moon aligns with the South Node and is here to help you release old Soul patterns of unconsciousness energy. This is a powerful week to reflect and stabilize your future by allowing your Higher Mind to be in control. Read on to see how to do that!

3rd Quarter Moon Energetics:

With the Moon losing light and energy, the tension that results can help you find significance and deeper meaning for your experience living with the Moon. The energetic state of the Third Quarter Moon is “Reflection” and now is the time to begin to go inward and discover what the Moon has shown you. The search for meaning happens here and this is to help sustain your intentions and goals moving forward.

Heretic’s Moon:  Speak your Truth

The 3rd Quarter Moon in Aquarius is called the “Heretic’s Moon”. Now the waning Moon stirs you to speak your truth. You feel an overwhelming desire to shout from the mountaintops about the revolution going on inside your emerging Self. Not everyone is ready to listen or has the understanding of reality that you do. This can make you feel left out or outcasted by a group, friends or community. Take this experience to honor who you are and your evolution. See the higher truth of the situation and look for what brings a community or group together. Here the Moon asks you to go deeper into your internal awareness to understand the way to reveal your message. Remember, it’s Aquarius energy and it is way out there, in the skies. Speak to your Star Family and ask them to support and guide you as you take a quantum jump into a higher version of You!

Let’s dive into the deeper layers of this week’s Sabian Symbol chapter to help you reflect upon this new Zodiac year that got started with the Aries “Infant’s Moon”. Ready? Let’s fly!

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Sabian Symbol Storyline:  Moon & Sun

The Moon:  17 degrees Aquarius “A MAN’S SECRET MOTIVES ARE BEING PUBLICLY UNMASKED.” KEYNOTE: The difficulty for the modern individual to keep secret his private past or his deeper motives. This symbol shows the struggle between the power of society and the rights of individual choices. There always remains records of past actions that have a due date call “The Day of Reckoning”. As the separated Masculine is being outed in public for wrongdoing or immoral behavior, there also comes an invitation for them to seek the help of a higher Power. The Moon is UNMASKING hidden motives and personal secrets. Allow yourself time to look in your subconscious Mirror to see what needs to be released this week. Send compassionate vibes out to those in society who are being tarred and feathered, too.

The Sun:  17 degrees Taurus “A WOMAN AIRING AN OLD BAG THROUGH THE OPEN WINDOW OF HER ROOM.” KEYNOTE: The cleansing of the ego-consciousness. In this image, the Sun is showing you how the ordinary mind sees in every problem issues between “good” and “bad.” The imbalance is within the dual mind. The Sun says to check your ego (separated Self) and your attachments. The bag is symbolic of the lower mind that needs to be emptied and aired out in the the sunlight.  Clear the ego-mind of old images and perceptions that are rooted in fear, separation and judgment. The Keyword is PURIFICATION.

Dial Y-O-D for Divine Assistance:

There is a powerful Angelic Attunement coming to you in the form of YOD alignments (150 degree angles or “Hands of God”). A YOD forms to Venus from Jupiter (Retrograde) in harmony with Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter (Retrograde) at 18 degrees Scorpio brings “A PARROT REPEATS THE CONVERSATION HE HAS OVERHEARD.” = CHANNELING to Venus. Venus at 16 degrees Gemini is “THE HEAD OF A ROBUST YOUTH CHANGES INTO THAT OF A MATURE THINKER.” = MENTAL METAMORPHOSIS. Neptune helps harmonize this connection at 16 degrees Pisces with “AN EASTER PARADE.” In order to allow your Higher Mind to be in the driver’s seat to create the future that you want, focus on elements in our collective human experience that bring great joy. Focus on all the mystical experiences you have had in your life ~ all those precious magical moments. This will attune your mind to be in communion with Higher Self/Angelic communications. That is the channeling that will elicit a metamorphosis of your lower mind. Yummm!

Another YOD forms to Saturn (Retrograde) from the North Node in Leo activating Part of Fortune’s polarity point at 7 degrees Capricorn. The North Node at 9 degrees Leo is “EARLY MORNING DEW SPARKLES AS SUNLIGHT FLOODS THE FIELD.” = TRANSFIGURATION. Saturn and Part of Fortune Polarity Point (PP) bring the energies of Enjoyment and Attunement. Here is the Sabian Symbol Medicine ~ Saturn: “AN ANGEL CARRYING A HARP.” = ATTUNEMENTPart of Fortune (PP): “IN A SUN-LIT HOME DOMESTICATED BIRDS SING JOYOUSLY.” = ENJOYMENT. Call upon your Angels, listen to Harp music, listen to early morning bird songs and go outside and bless your heart with early morning dew. These beautiful aspects of reality and life on Earth will help you receive the spiritual blessings and attune you to joy this week.

Enjoy this magical week and ending to this powerful Aries lunation. Reflect and unwind your mind seeing what you need to let go of to merge frequencies with the future that is calling to you. As you let go and surrender, you set yourself up perfectly to plant your seeds in the fertile soil of the Taurus New Moon on May 15th when Uranus awakens your Self-worth for the next 7 years!! Ooooo!


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