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Release 3D Suffering with 3rd Quarter Pisces Moon of Lost Souls

The Third Quarter Moon happens on June 6, 2018 at 11:31 AM PST/2:31 PM EST at 16 degrees Pisces. This lunar week is, yet again, amazing as the Sun and Mercury and the Moon and Neptune are all exact 16! Talk about a “Sweet 16” party! Angel Number 16 is a reminder from your Angels that your thoughts create your reality. This week focus on the positives about your life and your experience of the material world. Trust that all of your needs are met as you live your life’s Soul Purpose. Oooo that is going to take a lot of support – so ground your thoughts and feelings into this new understanding of reality!

3rd Quarter Moon Energetics:

It’s the waning 3rd Quarter Moon and that means a 90 degree angle forms to draw out support to let things go! This is the week to complete your projects, tidy up, purge and release what no longer serves your awakening Self. As you slow down, complete and surrender, you find your way back to the River of New Moon intentions where you will be ready to dive in next week. This week ask yourself, “What during this Taurus New Moon lunar cycle is ready to be completed or let go of?” No revving up your engines or starting new projects. Instead, slow down, complete and give thanks to all that supports your evolution.

Moon of Lost Souls:

The 3rd Quarter Pisces Moon is called the “Moon of Lost Souls”. This Moon mirrors that feeling of when you have helped, given all you got and bled yourself dry to support others, it is still not enough. The suffering nature of the 3rd dimension keeps this plane of existence – existing. This Moon’s vibration needs to see the light at the end of the tunnel and be supported by others who have already made a quantum jump into a higher way of living. Those stuck in cycles of suffering do not have the resources to be supportive yet. Look to those in your world, who are operating through compassion, empathy, kindness and alignment with Universal forces of unconditional Love. Connect with those you admire and allow them to be your beacons of hope to rest and recover in.

Planetary Power:  Who are the Players?

Jupiter “Divine Expansion” (Retrograde) in Scorpio and Venus “Goddess of Love and Value” in Cancer chime in forming a Water Trine with the Pisces Moon. Pluto “Transformer” opposes Venus with Verte “Divine Truth” and Lilith “Primordial Goddess Power”. The Moon and Neptune “Great Mystic” offer synergy to Pluto to form a pyramidal base for this luxury emotional Water element trine.

Uranus “Great Awakener” in Taurus trines the High Priestess Vesta in Capricorn at 1 degree. Invoke the power of your Feminine Authority. The Sky God Uranus then turns around and squares Mars “I AM Warrior” in Aquarius (6 degrees) with the South Node “Collective Karma” (7 degrees).

There is only one Starseed frequency this week and that is … Like and share to read more! [sociallocker id=6424]

… Part of Fortune “Sacred Dharma” at 28 degrees Taurus! This benevolent energy is showing up as the image of “Two Cobblers Working at a Table”. Your sacred work now is your Perspective. What is your perspective of your Sacred work upon the planet? Give yourself the full range of Taurus energy to see what that is. To activate the Part of Fortune vibration, you must go to its opposite harmonic at 28 degrees Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol is the image of “AN INDIAN SQUAW PLEADING TOTHE CHIEF FOR THE LIVES OF HER CHILDREN” ~ Intercession. As you open up your perspective on your sacred work in the world, you must see what and who’s behalf are you working for. This is Starseed energy, so as you open up to this bigger awareness within you, you align yourself with a higher consciousness that is available to help you. Looks to be emanating from the Sirius constellation, whom the Egyptians, Arapaho and Mayans were connected to. The Arapahoe Nation are a very advanced and ancient culture. The Cheyenne called the Arapaho Hitanwo’iv or Hetanevoeo/Hetanevo’eo’o (“People of the Sky” or “Cloud People”); the Dakota as Mahpíyato (“Blue Cloud Men”), and the Lakota and Assiniboine referred to them as Maȟpíya tho (“Blue Sky People”).

Your Soul’s Story:  Sabian Symbols of the Week

The Moon with Neptune and the Sun with Mercury join forces together to support your release and completion of the Taurus lunar cycle. The Moon is in Her waning phase and is moving you inward. The Sun shines brighter inviting you to harness this energy to fuel your internal descent to discover the richness of your experience since May 15, 2018. Let’s see what the combination for your Soul’s story this week in the Sabian Symbols.

Moon/Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces:  “AN EASTER PARADE. KEYNOTE: The capacity inherent in all great sociocultural Images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence.” The Moon and Neptune are focusing on the unifying power of cultures and groups’ use of story/myth and symbols. The Image of Easter holds within it the power of Resurrection and the rising from the dead. This is the emblem for self-renewal for Christians and springtime for Nature. Groups of people have an opportunity to come together to value and celebrate life’s enduring cycles.  This symbol shows you how the Collective force field can open up more heightened experiences together rather than one can do alone. How do you participate in COLLECTIVE PEAK EXPERIENCES?

Sun/Mercury at 16 degrees Gemini:  “THE HEAD OF A ROBUST YOUTH CHANGES INTO THAT OF A MATURE THINKER. KEYNOTE: The transformation of physical vitality into the power to build concepts and intellectual formulations through which knowledge can be transferred.” The Sun and Mercury are showing you the profound nature of the disciplined mind when allowed the power of quiet, reflective study to deepen into a state of focus. What happens when you transform your emotions into and open mind and your instincts into thoughts? Give it a try this week and experience an emergence of MENTAL METAMORPHOSIS.

But wait there is MORE!

The Sun/Mercury energy of “Mental Metamorphosis” sends a lightning bolt YOD into Jupiter (Rx 15 degrees Scorpio). Jupiter’s Sabian Symbol is “A GIRL’S FACE BREAKING INTO A SMILE” ~ Warmth of Feeling .  So as you discipline your mental energy and spiritually direct your mind, you receive the warm joy that only a smile can bring. On the flipside, Saturn (Rx Capricorn) electrically aligns with a YOD to the North Node in Leo (7 degrees). The Great Inner Teacher wants to have a spiritual connection with the expansion of your Soul. The imagery is showing Saturn’s wisdom as “A SUN-LIT HOME DOMESTICATED BIRDS SING JOYOUSLY.” – Enjoyment ~ spiritually expanding the North Node as “A COMMUNIST ACTIVIST SPREADING HIS REVOLUTIONARY IDEALS.” – Catabolic Action.  In order for the catabolic action of revolution to happen, you must discipline yourself in what brings you joy. The revolution is not an overthrow of tyranny but rather an evolution of your sacred happiness. Let this double lightning “SHAZAM!” energy catapult you into a different timeline where the Sun shines, the birds sing and sharing ideals is the norm.

Enjoy your week of resting, recovering and returning to your holy place within. As you wind down this Taurus lunar cycle, you set yourself up perfectly for a New Moon in Gemini on June 13th!


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