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Reimagine your World with 3rd Quarter Aries Moon

3rd Quarter Aries “Survivor’s Moon” at 21 degrees at July 12, 2020, at 4:28 PM PDT/5:28 PM MDT/6:28 PM CDT/7:28 PM EDT

This week the Moon and Sun form a waning 3rd Quarter square and bring the Cancer lunar cycle to completion. The Moon finds her home in Aries this week, while the Sun moves through the last decan of Cancer. These signs are Cardinal and move through the Fire and Water elements. The 3rd Quarter Aries Moon is known as the “Survivor’s Moon”. It’s your time to be brave, courageous, and bold. You have the power you need within you.

Moon and Sun Power:

The 3rd Quarter Aries Moon merges with the shadow of the Black Moon Lilith. The Moon is a sandwiched between Lilith and Eris, the Goddess of Discord. Together this trio shows you the shadows and chaos of the outer world from an inward perspective. Detach from the shadows of the world to transcend them and allow yourself to have a higher perspective. Give yourself the experience of two levels of being: human and Soul. One is wrought by limitations and finality and the other is expansive and eternal. Let yourself merge with both realities this week.

The Cancer Sun merges Vesta, the Eternal Flame, and comes into a harmonic trine with Neptune in Pisces. Vesta shows you that your everyday spiritual practice is what feeds your Soul on a daily basis. In order to grow and navigate these changing times, it is a requirement to have a daily spiritual practice. Neptune brings you a wave of hope to take you to transcendent happiness. You are alive now to generate a massive wave of Love on the planet. Focus on what makes you happy every day. Imagine it into being.

Mars and Chiron Power:

Mars and Chiron Retrograde collide at 8-9 degrees Aries. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, teaches you that it takes focused concentration to develop inner awareness. Use the power of crystals to focus your attention and let yourself come into alignment with a higher vibrational field. Mars becomes your teacher over the next six months. To be a spiritual warrior during these times, you must learn how energy works. You can use the power of Mars in Aries to break apart energy forms – not to destroy, but to reform. You can see this playing out in the call to defund the police movement. Mars, the God of War, warns you that now is not the time. The more aligned path to take is to reform the police. Use this as an example to see how the Planets play out in the current state of affairs. Your challenge as a Warrior is to take your strong emotions and desires for change and reinterpret reality. See reality in “symbols” to truly understand the deeper scope of meaning. Otherwise, our Collective becomes “fools who rush in where Angels fear to tread”.

North Node and Saturn Power:

The North Node in Gemini ignites from a lightning bolt of spiritual clarity from Saturn’s retrograde return to Capricorn. The Universal path calls each one of us to strive for excellence within our individual vibration. Realize this is your responsibility to take part in making this type of personal “executive decision”. When you strive to do your best, you become an energetic CEO in the world. Realize that what is unwinding is a distorted reality, made up of wizards behind the curtain pulling humanity’s collective puppet strings. When you see the fake wizards and their made-up reality, you are no longer a victim of their frequency games. Humanity is waking up to the knowledge that we each our own sovereign Creator, fully capable of being powerful in our own right. As this happens, limitations, suffering, and lack cease to exist. The gig is up. Game over.


Shannon’s Energetic Breakdown: 3rd Quarter Moon

Third Quarter Moon embraces the powers of letting go, releasing, and forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on your external wounds. Draw yourself inward with the Moon to explore who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. Taking an honest look at yourself gives you your power back.

“Survivor’s Moon”:  Finding Courage

During a waning Third Quarter Moon, your inward personal journey of self-development turns outward to gaze upon the wounds of humanity through the eyes of the “Survivor’s Moon”.  The Survivor’s Moon carries Warrior medicine and in this phase, the warrior energy is depleted from too many battles. This week is your time to heal deep wounds from any type of trauma: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and ancestral. Remember this Cancer Lunar Cycle began the week of June 20, 2020, and is designed to resolve past wounding and trauma. Seek for healing, help, and support with Aries’ courage. What within you is calling for support and solace?

2nd Lunar Mansion: The Musician

The 2nd Lunar Mansion is ruled by the Sun and Jupiter. In harmonics, the sound of the Sun and Jupiter is affectionately known as the “God Chord”- great light and great joy. Under this energy, you can practice feeling sovereignty from within the deepest layers of your being. The more sovereign you become, the more you release old anger and frustration. You are ready to be your own “I AM” Presence. Bravely know your worth and have the courage to stand up for who you really are. You very well may be asked to step outside of your comfort zone so that you can share more of your light with the world. This is your first step to be in Service to others ~ allowing your light to shine bright.


Moon at 21 degrees Aries: 
“Puppets coming alive at night.”

The Aries Moon is showing you that your inner worlds can be just as alive as your outer world. Your inner passions are what give life to your dreams. Did you know there are vast kingdoms within you that you can explore now? The Aries Moon reminds you that all you need is passion and motivation. Use Aries power of “Just do it!” to fuel your inner journey. What awaits you is infinite in nature. Your wishes become like magic and with your divine “I AM” Presence they begin to take form. Let your inner life become the place where everything is happening. If you want something to change, let it happen first on the inside. Strive this week, and over the next six months, to strive to do your best. Validate your inner power as a Creator. Just know that whatever you put your passionate energy towards, comes to life!


Sun at 21 degrees Cancer: 
“Bunches of watercress growing by a cool spring.”

The Cancer Sun blesses you with the gift of spaciousness. Take this week to make room for new life to arise and be born. There is an universal dream being created in 2020. This is a dream of unity. It is a vision of brotherhood and sisterhood. Mother Earth desires to be repopulated with vitality of spiritual love. The double Cancerian lunations have a spirit of destiny designed to help you breakthrough old spells of disenchantment. It is a gift to be on planet Earth. Gaia is the “jewel of the Cosmos”. You are being asked to refocus your attention and merge with shared aspirations created by one another. We can be brought together when we allow ourselves to merge back with Nature. Nature is the presence of the Great Goddess force. She exists at every level, fractal in design. Everything and everyone can be revitalized. We are existing within a spiral and everything once forgotten, returns to ascend to the next octave of existence. This is the opening of a great celebration of life and being!

NEXT CANCER LUNATION: 07/20-08/17/20

This week the Moon helps you empty your ego to return to your sacred womb. This return sets you up to experience the next lunation on July 20th. This is a special “karmic destiny” lunar cycle coming up because it continues the power of the Summer Solstice Eclipse energy. Take this week to reflect upon your experiences since June 20, 2020. See what you have been and tune into your inner guidance for Part 2! Join us in the Inner Circle and Lunar Ladies Club to get the full personalized experience!

Here the overview of June 20-July 19th to help you:

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