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Regenerate with Aries Full “Warrior’s Moon”

Aries Full “Warrior’s Moon” at 9 degrees on October 1, 2020 @ 2:05 PM PDT/3:05 PM MDT/4:05 PM CDT 5:05 PM EDT

The Aries Full Moon appears at the degree of Completion to regenerate your Soul. Look back to the New Moon in Aries on March 24th, 2020. The Sabian Symbol carries a signal from this time. What is coming into completion for you looking back in time at the beginning of this Zodiac year?

The Aries Full Moon aligns with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, at the retrograde degree of 7. This sets off a YOD to Mercury at 4 degrees Scorpio. Remember this Full Moon day, as Mercury goes retrograde returning to this degree on October 25th. Mercury marries the Goddess Juno in the Underworld of Scorpio. Purge deep emotions with their help this week.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is at 24 degrees retrograde in Aries. Mars is guiding you to be open and willing to shape your mind to reveal your spiritual fulfillment. This is a message to have faith. You can only experience what you deeply believe in. As Mars comes into square formation with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto steps out of the shadows to form an exact YOD to the North Nodal wave in Gemini at 22 degrees. Stabilize this energy by integrating your mind with your compassionate heart. This is the Warrior Way!

The Libra Sun forms a perfect YOD to Uranus in retrograde Taurus. This is your time to be self-composed, grounded, and poised. Inner stability is the name of the game for the next six months. Realize that all human beings are being asked to do this, too. You are not alone. If you see someone struggling, help them by grounding first and asking your divine, inherent wisdom to show you how best to help. You can be a spiritual Red Cross Nurse by slowing down, grounding, and following your compassion.

Venus, ruler of Libra, opposes the great mother Asteroid Ceres. They come into a deep harmonic on the Leo-Aquarius axis. Venus brings within a yearning to rise out of your current form to become more conscious and more compassionate. Your unconscious Self is emerging from the chrysallis. Continue to purify your power (Virgo New Moon guidance), so that your complete Self can emerge like a Venus on a clamshell, fully formed and perfect.

: Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces :

FULL MOON: The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Libra intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your dreams expand into fruition with your intentional power. Believe that your intention is “out there” in the Universe. Time is gathering the material needed to 3D print your goals and dreams. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. In April 2019, there was the Aries New Moon ~ where you set into motion the “alchemy of Love’. Take yourself back to this moment in time and reconnect to what your intentions were. This month’s Full Moon in Aries is the expanded fruition of not only 2 weeks ago, but 6 months ago, too. Build your legacy and stand tall, as you are ending very old cycles to begin the next ascent of your human-Soul journey on Earth.

Aries Full “Warrior’s Moon”

The Aries Full Moon is called “Warrior’s Moon.” The Warrior’s Moon ignites evolutionary change with fierce passion and Hero-level courage to rock this world. The Libra Sun’s light sets on fire the mirror of the “Warrior’s Moon”. Here, Aries, the child of the Zodiac, comes into Her expanded fullness. Your Hero powers are now brought forth front and center. What great cause can you stand for? Tune into where the Moon and Sun are, in your chart, as they are calling your inner Wise Woman Warrior to rise (check your Natal Aries-Libra axis in your chart!).

1st Lunar Mansion: “Two Signals”

The Aries Full Moon passes through the 1st Lunar Mansion. The 1st Lunar Mansion is a powerful cosmic mansion, guarded by Mars and Saturn. Aries is the time of new beginnings and this Lunar Mansion carries two signals. Better yet, Two Swords, because Mars is the Warrior of Aries. Together they work as the dynamic duo of “destruction and creation”. Let Mars heal your inner Warrior and Saturn strengthens your resolve to be able to stand amid chaos. Redirect your fiery passion to let it burn through old stagnation. Breathe through conflict and frustration (instead of warring and battling). Don’t let impatience get the best of you. Use this extra power to release frustration and move the energy to work for you.

Human Design Gate #17: Opinions

The Aries Full Moon passes through the Human Design Gateway #17 known as “Opinions”. This Gateway embodies the energy of curiosity that launches new ideas into the world. This Gateway teaches you the power of logic developed by the correction of patterns. Look over the past six months, what patterns keep showing up that are not in your highest favor? These patterns want to be brought to completion with the Aries Full Moon. If you find yourself buried by opinions and judgements, use this Full Moon to free yourself of their negative weight in your life.

Aries Full Moon: FORM

Sabian Symbol: “A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images.”

The Full Moon in Aries is highlighting a situation in your life that needs revisiting. Analyze what comes up for you. What has been observed and learned from an old way of looking at it. Allow yourself to rewrite it in a new way from your “I AM” Presence. Bring your past ways of identifying yourself to the current version for 2020. Bring up to speed old ways of thinking and seeing the world. Nothing is the same. Be creative and see yourself from multiple angles. Try contacting the magic and beauty within the realm of your current limitations. The Aries Full Moon is giving you the ability to perceive cosmic energies within the confines of this tangible, physical world. New dimensions of consciousness are breaking through to delete old thought forms. The Aries Full Moon is recreating your core root Self. Let it do its thing!

Libra Sun: LOGOS

Sabian Symbol: “Having safely passed through narrow rapids, a canoe finds calm waters.”

The Libra Sun shows you that your hard times are coming to a completion. What has been the most difficult for you since March 24th, 2020? In order to complete this cycle, there is still work yet to do. But don’t worry! The worst is over, plus you are stronger because of it! Stay the warrior and be ever vigilant towards energies that do not support your highest good and happiness. When times are tough, know there is now a “calm after the storm” and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy the relief that this knowingness brings.

WRAP UP: Bringing it Together

Inner Circle

In the free Lunar Ladies Club community, we are connecting with how the Full affects us. In the premium Inner Circle, we are learning how to connect with the lunar energies of the Moon to draw down our innate power as Creators.

The light of this Full Moon is overflowing with regenerative energy from your Soul’s divine “I AM” Presence. Drawdown this energy into the soles of your feet. Connect with your bare feet upon the Earth to recharge yourself and soil. Connect with the electro-magnetic forcefield within the Earth to supercharge the field for humanity.

If you don’t do it, who will? This is why you as a Spirit are here now in 2020 to pivot and amplify the timeline towards more peace, less strife, move love, less fear.

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