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Redesign your Mind – Mars in Gemini 2022-2023

Mars goes into Gemini 0 degrees on August 20, 2022, at 12:56 AM PDT/3:56 AM EDT.

Mars goes into Retrograde from October 30, 2022, to January 11, 2023.

Mars moves into the sign of Gemini for seven months! Mars is the activating force in the Zodiac Wheel. When Mars moves into a sign expect action and change. Mars is the fearless and courageous Warrior archetype. Mars enjoys rushing head first into the fire bringing change and new beginnings.

Gemini energy embodies the archetype of The Twins – Castor and Pollux. Gemini teaches you that there are two sides to everything — the light and the dark. Gemini rules the lower mind, the 3rd House, and the hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs in the body. Mercury rules the sign of Gemini and brings his Trickster self and his Magician self into the dynamic of your life.

Mars traveling through Gemini creates a powerful movement forward in the restless, dynamic Air element of Gemini. Mars is in charge due to his Cardinal modality in the Fire element. Gemini must bend a knee and swear fealty to the ancient warrior. The mercurial aspect of Gemini can become Mars’s most trusted advisor if his own internal world is balanced and enlightened.

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This 7-month journey of Mars in Gemini will offer you opportunities to redesign your mental body to be in alignment with your divine “I AM” spiritual body. This is a journey and is a process of many initiations for your inner warrior to become an angelic Soul in human form. Take a conscious journey with this field of dynamic energetic change from August 20, 2022, to March 26, 2023!

Journey through The Tarot

Mars in Gemini is represented by the 9 of Swords in the Tarot. The 9 of Swords deals with the energy of anxiety and mental cruelty. This card represents the Air element of the mind. This is the debilitating power of your Inner Critic in the Tarot. What voices in your head whisper to you that you are not good enough? What thought patterns are keeping you up at night with worry and doubt?

The 9 of Wands is the antidote or helper card to the 9 of Swords. The 9 of Wands is the Mental Health card in the Tarot. Wands represent the Fire element and are fast-moving energies of spiritual fiery connection to the Source of all creation. This is your medicine for breakthroughs and resiliency.

The Hermit is Major Arcana’s helper to the 9 of Swords. The Hermit and the 18th card The Moon both play essential roles in healing mental cruelty and anxiety that is currently wreaking havoc in modern-day society. All the “9’s” in the Tarot form a diamond of wellness to help you rise above the intensities of the 3rd dimension. Get Lunar Ladies Mars in Gemini Wellness workbook to guide you through this powerful time of change happening over the next seven months!

Planetary Exaltation Power

The exalted planetary energy comes from Mercury in Virgo and the Capricorn constellation. Mercury in Virgo is the 10 of Pentacles in the Tarot. Mercury is poised to be the exalted outcome of your Mars in Gemini journey. The constellation and zodiac sign of Capricorn is represented by The Devil in the Tarot. The Devil’s energy is what can bind you to the material world and can be the energy that sets you free. Once you realize where you are bound by the misuse of your power and desires, you can take action to free yourself. Following the Noble 8-Fold Path can help you disconnect from imbalanced behaviors and set you on your path of greatness as a soul having a human experience. Download your free 8-Fold Path guide here.

Stay tuned for Mars retrograde happening on October 30, 2022, at 25 degrees Gemini.

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