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Redefining Beauty and Truth with the Leo Full “Queen’s Moon”

Full Leo “Queen’s Moon” at 20 degrees Leo on February 8, 2020, at 11:33 PM PST/12:33 AM MST/1:33 AM CST/2:33 AM EST – 02/09/2020


Welcome to the week of the Full Moon in Leo ~ the “Queen’s Moon”! The Full Moon is inviting you to be an ambassador of the Feminine energy this week. You are being called to shine the light of the sustaining and nurturing consciousness of the Universe. Bring forth your beauty in a way that is healing and soothing. What are you doing to redirect your awareness and that of others to the glories of Nature?

There is an underlying message within this call from the Universe. Humanity needs to redefine “Beauty”. As I gazed into the mirror of the Full Moon, I witnessed the ancient mystery play of “The Judgement of Paris” being acted out by the cosmic players. You will have to hear all about that in Episode #2 of “WTF! What the Frequency?!” podcast.

Venus and Lilith merge at 1 degree Aries and honor me with their Pleiadian symbol:  “A storyteller senses exactly which stories his listeners need to hear.” If you want to understand and know how to access what is hidden in this Mystery Play, the question is, are you ready to do what you have to, to let go of your fears? Give yourself time and be patient with yourself to look more deeply into your Feminine Energy. Venus and Lilith are assisting the inner rebellion that is brewing in 2020 to begin to reject what has been the Collective Norm. You are the light that comes to shift the energy from old to new. Let yourself be seen and be free!

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, hands Venus and Lilith a sacred Mirror to see what needs to be shed. Chiron guides you to seek your truth in its purest form. Truth is bright and powerful, don’t try to take it all in at once. Allow yourself to grow with your truths – to let Truth evolve you. As your consciousness expands, Pure Truth becomes like a diamond — it becomes clearer and clearer to you. This also reconnects you to your ability to uncover and transmute illusions and lies. There is big work ahead for you! And it is GREAT!!


: – : Multi-Dimensional Puzzle – Putting YOU Together : – :


The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Aquarius’ intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your intentional Soul power. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. On July 29th, there was a super Royal Black New Moon in Leo ~ where you set into motion the opening many Stargates of infinite Nirvana bliss in the “8” vibration. Take time to tune back into yourself and reconnect to what your intentions were. There are many gifts there for you to realign with!

“Queen’s Moon”:  Full Moon in Leo


“Magnanimous”:  Great of mind or heart of high and steadfast courage elevated in soul or in sentiment; high-minded; raised above what is low, mean, or ungenerous.

The Queen’s Moon is the Full Moon in Leo. The immense magnetic power of the Full Moon expands the awareness of your inner Queen. Leo is a royal sign of the Zodiac and one of the four Fixed archetypes of the Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot. Leo rules the energy of your self-expression and creativity. No wonder mainstream culture treats celebrity performers like royalty. Leo is charming, magnetic and alluring and the Full Moon expands your glamour energy. Connect with your inner royal-ness by attuning to that which brings you joy. How do you express yourself through creative works of art? How do you perform and receive applause? The Queen’s Moon is your inner authority and the way that you shine your Sunlight out into the world. Make it big, royal, and magnanimous!

11th Lunar Mansion:  “Fortuna”

The 11th Lunar Mansion is known as “Fortuna” and is guarded by Saturn and Venus, the energy of “creative rest”. The 11th Lunar Mansion reignites your vibrancy so you can radiate it out into the world. Rev up your feminine beauty with “beauty rest”, too. Leo loves healthy confidence and sings through you at a cellular level.

As your light shines out at the brightest level, this is a great time to be seen. The 11th Lunar Mansion is where you can combine vitality and confidence to own your space. Ask for that promotion or raise. Be bold and flirty to attract a new dance partner. Take this Leo Full Moon energy to practice owning your power, owning your confidence, and letting yourself be over the top. Learn more about how to expand your lunar powers when you join the Lunar Ladies Club.

Moon Opposes the Sun:  Full Moon

: ~ : Leo Full Moon : ~ :

20 degrees Leo:  “A holly bush covered with berries in the snow.”

The Leo Full “Queen’s Moon” has you feeling alive and thriving in the heart of winter. The Full Moon has the power to bring vitality to bleak and barren situations this week. Turn up your inner Fire and connect your energies with the Great Goddess Brigid of Imbolc at this sacred time of year. Affirm life by being vibrant, creative and heart-centered. Don’t let the last weeks of Winter’s dark and dreary energy drag you down. You are a light that shines into the darkness, so turn up the volume of your joy and happiness. Be persistently joyful this week – even if you have to fake it to make it. Your endeavors will help others see their possibilities of happier times, especially where they may think that none exists.

The Sun is the ruler of Leo and Mars rules the 3rd decan of Leo. Mars approaches the Galactic Center to tell you that you are  “Climbing the steps of the Pyramid of the Sun.” To ascend these steps is to get above the world. Feel the solid ground beneath your feet to feel strong and goal-oriented. Be aware that your life has meaning and purpose. This is how you will feel stronger. Follow your highest and clearest version of you. This is your solid ground. Get beyond what is superficial and shallow in yourself. Be steady, persistent, and focused.

: ~ : Aquarius Sun : ~ :

20 degrees Aquarius Sun:  “A beautiful woman dressed in white wearing a large silver crescent on her head pointing upward.”

The Aquarius Sun shines a light on your great ability to receive messages from your Higher Self. When you listen to your Higher Self, you can avoid pitfalls, disappointments, and disillusions in your life. You can see more clearly beyond the material world, especially blocks and illusions of the Maya. Seek alignment with the higher, subtler energy that underlies everything. You can connect to this energy by attuning to that which encourages you to attune to explore your spiritual truth. This way of living is lush and strives to tune in to the order, design, and harmony of the Universe.

Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius. The Sun’s rulers are telling you the Universe is continually giving you messages. If you ignore your messages, they can easily be lost. Life is fragile and you are here to gain a true and deep understanding of yourself and the Universe. Remember all of who you are. Your insights are very helpful to others, for they provide a perspective that is unique and visionary.

Wrap Up:

You have a knack for finding the way to wonderful places and seeing the world in extraordinary ways. But will anyone truly understand what you have to offer? Your creativity is extraordinary!  Don’t let yourself be frustrated if others don’t “get you”. Do what you do best, and your creative self-expression will find its ideal place in the great River of Life during this Queen’s Full Moon in Leo.

Once you have completed your vibrational tasks, you set the foundation for greater ease and functioning in the 2020s. Find your pathway that is the road of your Legacy. Be intent on exploring new areas of your life and be of service to helping others to find their way. You are building new pathways, as an act of love that strengthens humanity. Be the heart of both the giver and the receiver. It’s why you are here!

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